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      Hi there!

      My 9 year old son made a switch in June from Buproprion XR 300mg (taken in the am) to Buproprion SR 100mg (am) and 100mg (2pm, was 3pm). His sleep has always been somewhat rough, the most frequent problem being early waking. We do give melatonin (3mg) at bedtime, not because he has trouble falling asleep, but to help him stay asleep. It has always seemed that if we did the melatonin he would sleep through the night without waking, whereas without it he would early wake (between 3pm and 5pm). Once he wakes in the middle of the night, it is very hard for him to settle his brain enough to fully go back to sleep.

      Anyways, what we are now seeing is that he waking at least 4 times a week in the middle of the night (between 1-4pm) and then having an extremely difficult time falling asleep. We did move the 2nd dose from 3pm to 2pm and were hoping that would make the difference, but it does not seem to be helping. We have a great doctor, but just wanting to see if anyone else has experienced this. We originialy made the change from XR to SR becuase he was having a lot of difficulty behavior wise at night and the doctor was thinking this might give him two “peaks” (am and pm) vs one “peak” (closer to am). If that makes any sense…ugh…so tired!


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