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      So I have been taking Adderall now for about 3 months or so first starting out at 5mg twice a day and now I am on 5mg three times a day on weekdays and twice a day on weekends. Anyway, today I am feeling quite nauseous and I can’t seem to figure out why. It seems I only feel nauseous SOMETIMES with my meds. I was thinking this morning that it could have been the coffee I tried to drink. Does anyone else find that Adderall combined with coffee makes them nauseous?

      All thoughts welcome.

      I should also mention that I am on 25mg of Strattera and 75mg of venlafaxine as well as a bunch of supplements (but I only take D3 and B12 in the mornings with my meds). I also tend to take my Adderall first in the morning and then take the other meds. This morning I was nauseous before I even took my other meds so it can’t be them. Also my adderall is the generic version.

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      How long have you been on starters ? That was the first they had tried with me bc it’s non addictive aka “safe” . Well I felt like I had the worst flu of my life 24-7. They tired again later after being off meds, same thing I vomited nonstop. Adderall is what Ia
      Ln and ironically I gained 5ish pounds over the year I have been prob bc im making better choices and remembering to eat and such. But straterra they finally took me off when I had lost 20 pounds in a month. No joke . And swollen cheeks . Try lepta saying “oh you’ll get used to it” prob bc they thought its better or “safer” than Adderall. Who knows. When they saw me, however , different story!!!!!

      I have heard it’s nortorioia for brutal nausea too !

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      I don’t mean DONT MEam to negative about straterra bc the reason they have If isn’t bc it does work for someone ! But I also know that many people I know experiences that Brutal nausea and vomiting !

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      Sorry again too my phone screen makes it hard to type !!! I promise I know how to spell somewhat ! Haha

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      Penny Williams

      Caffeine is also a stimulant, so you’re kind of double dosing it (except that coffee isn’t as potent as Adderall, so it’s not double). I don’t have ADHD, but when I take Sudafed (also has stimulating properties) and more than one cup of coffee, I get nauseous. Or anything stimulating on an empty stomach can make me nauseous.

      Definitely talk to your doctor about what’s going on, so they can help you resolve it.

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