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      Is there a point when a child should be re-evaluated? We received our diagnosis when my son was in 3rd grade, inattentive ADHD with a unspecific learning disability. He is currently in 7th grade. Should I have him re-evaluated? It isn’t like I think he suddenly doesn’t have ADHD anymore, I am worried I should be doing more for him. He is on meds and still struggles with focus and depression. While it is better on the meds he is on I am still concerned about him. Any suggestions?

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      Penny Williams

      If you still have concerns that you don’t think are being addressed, then yes, I would have another evaluation done. Sometimes, they just look at the struggle you convey, other times they want to do a full evaluation brand new. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6. By age 10, I had a nagging and growing feeling that there was more to the puzzle. There were some real issues that ADHD didn’t explain and ADHD treatment wasn’t improving. At age 12, he was given the additional diagnosis of “high-functioning” autism.

      I now feel like we have diagnoses to describe every facet of differences and struggles. It has really helped me to understand my son on a deeper level, which means I can be more helpful to him.

      A very high percentage of individuals with ADHD also have at least one co-exisitng condition.

      ADHD and Comorbid Conditions Statistics: Infographic

      One of these common comorbidities could be at play:

      Common Comorbid Conditions

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        “Real issues ADHD didnt explain and ADHD treatment wasn’t helping” My intuition told me long ago: DO NOT DRIVE A CAR. I never felt comfortable driving and didn’t understand why. Finally diagnosed as an adult it all makes sense. Probably saved my life. Then i read lots and wondered after I uncovered the mild dyslexia part and ya know what??? all the online tests I take score me at the bottom number for aspergers. Not worried about a diagnosis but I understand it now much better and it does make sense. I believe my sister to have inattentive ADD….my late father probably had dyslexia. His brother died of Lewy Body disease and I just read somewhere that adults with ADD have a higher chance of getting Lewy B!
        thank you for posting and doing this.

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