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      Joe Schmoe

      Good Morning,

      I have been struggling with ADD my whole life, I didnt really realize it until I got older and needed help for other mental illnesses/issues. I recently got out of the military with a slew of problems (some stemming before service), PTSD, MDD, GAD, OCD, ADD and more. I have a hard time starting new medications as I have severe panic attacks and am very reluctant to try new things in fear of having bad side effects. I have tried many medications in the past to battle the MDD/GAD portion with some success (currently on Celexa and Xanax as needed), at least to take the edge off and make it a little more manageable. I have taken Concerta in the past to some success but was taken off due to my anxiety and blood pressure. I tried Concerta again and with my anxiety I cannot take it as it makes me way too anxious.

      I was just prescribed Abilify which doesnt seem to be a common ADD drug, I am very hesitant about taking it as the side effects for that drug frighten me but I also want to because my ADD is making it really hard for me to get through life.

      My questions are:
      Has anyone taken Abilify, does it work for ADD, or does anyone know anything more about it?
      Also, is there a good drug out there that is not a stimulant and does not typically make a person with an anxiety disorder anxious, out side of just being worried because it is a new med.

      Any and all information/advice will be greatly appreciated.


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      Penny Williams

      Here’s information on Abilify, along with a couple user reviews:


      There are some non-stimulants as well: Intuniv Straterra, Kapvay.

      And some folks with ADHD and anxiety take an anti-depressant or anxiety medication with their ADHD stimulant to treat the anxiety.

      Treatment for the Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

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