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      Hi there – I’m brand new to the forum, and really, all I came for, for now, are opinions. I’m fully aware that nobody here will be able to diagnose, and I’m content with that. I simply don’t know nearly enough about ADHD myself to be sure that my suspicions might be correct, and that a visit to a psychiatrist might be my best option. I’d just really appreciate any advice, any words, any gut feelings this community may have, based on your own extensive knowledge. So here goes, and thank you in advance for reading this.

      I’m 25 and currently living in Japan, where life, since leaving my home and country, and beginning my first full time job, has become increasingly difficult to navigate. University was also incredibly difficult, but back then I was living under the assumption I had depression and anxiety, and bad circumstances – nothing more. It’s only recently I’ve started to wonder if it might run deeper than that. I’d like to fire off some behaviours I’ve noticed, both now and in the past, and open them up for discussion, to hear from anyone who might have similar behaviours, and of course, anyone who thinks this may or may not all be worth looking at as a case of undiagnosed ADHD.

      (I wrote so much but the forum isn’t letting me post everything, and I’m to exhausted from writing to try further tonight, so I’ll try to reply with the actual things I’ve noticed tomorrow. Sorry!)

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