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      Hello my name is jordn, I just turned 26 and i recently was diagnosed with adult inattentive add (as well as anxiety & depression) I Don’t really know where to start I have so much stuff i need answers to. I was diagnosed with “ADHD” as a child and was on all types of pills from a very young age up until junior year of high school when I got expelled from a 2nd high school. I stopped taking my medication and started to smoke cannabis a lot. I just turned 26 in July and I am at my lowest point ever in life, rock bottom and I am in desperate need of the truth/answers! I can’t keep a job to save my life!!! I was terminated about 2 months ago I still live at home with my mom and 5 year old sister. My mom struggles so much and she just thinks I’m lazy and unmotivated etc. (I don’t think she realizes how much I’m dealing with in my head add ADHD depression anxiety etc.) i know my mom is struggling and needs my help(I am suppose 2 be the man of the house for my mom & 5year old sister) she is constantly on me about getting a job and every time my mom, grandma, or auntie start talking about getting a job, My body temperature rises & my anxiety kicks in and i get this weird feeling in my gut/stomach and i start sweating(I also suffer from social anxiety). My therapist said I’m stuck in survival/freeze mode. She told me, when i am ready i can talk to the other med management doctors to answer all my questions. I am in desperate need of a 360 life saving change & i am honestly scared to be back on pills as an adult(I had worst experiences on all the ADHD medication i was on when i was young) I don’t know what I should do….I have so much stuff I wanna learn and dreams I want to achieve (become a audio engineer, graphic designer, vegan nutritionist, I want to learn music theory and how to play piano/keyboard, I want to start running/working out, I want to learn Spanish, I want to own multiple businesses, so much stuff) I feel I’m living the total opposite life. I’m dying in my comfort zone drowning in anxiety, fear, depression and everything that comes with ADHD and depression/anxiety etc.

      I was curious what’s your take on add ADHD medicine and being put on them for adult ADHD? I had horrible experiences as a kid and teenager with being on all types of pills for ADHD (made me hallucinate, bang my head on way, crazy stuff) I finally found a therapist/psychiatrist who accepts my insurance medicaid. At first I told them I don’t wanna be on pills etc. I read all types if mixed reviews on people taking ADHD medicine. (Good & bad) I hear more bad stuff about being on these pills than actual good stuff. The only thing making me even consider going on meds is I been off meds since High School (26 now) I can’t keep a job to save my life as well as a bunch of other problems. And I read some people comments who actually are on ADHD meds, that it changed their lives! (Once they find the right medicine, it changed their life drastically, some even went off to college and became engineers etc. That some difficult stuff to learn and focus on. Especially with (“ADHD”). I’m so stuck I don’t know what to do. I’m back & forth on if I want to try meds or not. My therapist said I’m worse without them than actually being on them. (I read these pills do a lot of damage in gut, lose dopamine, etc. I even saw a documentary saying ADHD pills don’t cure anything, if thats the case why so many people being diagnosed and put on pills? (I don’t trust government or big pharma and there whole pill thing….they create customers not cures. If they don’t have a pill for something they will create one smh. I was digging deep into and found this article check it out, reading this type of stuff makes me not want to be on pills) I just dont know what to believe, I turned vegan a year ago I lost 30lbs first 2 months from not eating and depression making me not eat, etc. I went vegan because i been dealing with horrible gut problems, when i was going to kaiser a year ago they did all types of tests and even did sinus surgery and eventually where gonna send me to another doctor but it never happened because i started working full time and lost my insurance now im waiting on my appt. to see new doctor to do a bunch of tests and see whats going on in my gut(i been reading a lot about the brain-gut connection/nutrition) i have not motivation even though in my mind i am so inspired and ready to make all this stuff happen, i just feel my brain & body are on 2 different pages. I heard Dr. Leon Eisenberg confess on his death bed its a fictitious disease, i heard its a low levels of dopamine, i heard its a nutrient/mineral/diet thing, i read that its fake and 90% of psychiatrists agree….If they agree its fake why put people on adhd meds if its fake, i just dont understand or know who or what to believe anymore please help. I am at my lowest point in my life and I feel horrible I don’t know what to do. What do you think? I need a life changer/saver to help me turn my life around 360! If you guys/gals havent read this its very interesting article on Dr. Leon eisenberg and the big pharma. https://newrepublic.com/article/137066/adhd-sold

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      Sounds to me like you’ve been victimized by a lot of science-denial and pseudoscience. Stimulant medication is safe and effective, and for people age 6 and older is the first-line treatment option for ADHD, with cognitive therapy recommended as an augmentation.

      There is a problem, especially in the past, of doctors not taking the proper time to find the right medication option/dosage. You may have been treated in the past by a doctor that didn’t have good ADHD knowledge. But also, ADHD knowledge is growing every day. So, we know things now that we didn’t just a few years ago.

      Try it again, with a doctor who is willing to start with small doses and increase slowly until you find the sweet spot. This is a process called titration.

      If you want to read the rebuttals against the science-denial and pseudoscience out there, here’s a good source: https://adhdrollercoaster.org/category/myth-busting/

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      Penny Williams

      Here are the facts about ADHD medication and finding a medicine and dosage that works for you:

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

      You shouldn’t accept the type of side effects you have described here.

      Obviously, your ADHD holds you back in life (and anxiety), so you need some treatment, whatever that may be.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      JBoom & ADHDmomma i was going to multiple psychiatrists as a young kid nobody knew what was wrong. my mom told me a few months ago i was diagnosed with adhd as a kid. I remember reading a diary from my past and it mentions something about bi polar and moods swings as a kid. Im an adult now and been seeing this new therapist for a month now. there is no rush or pressure being put on me about pills but i still feel talking about my problems isn’t really helping me out. as you guys already know “in carefully controlled lab studies of human research participants, [Dextroamphetamine] & methamphetamine produce nearly identical physiological and behavioral effects…. They both increase blood pressure, pulse, euphoria, and desire to take the keyword “Drug” in a dose-dependent manner. Essentially, they are the same Drug. that means amphetamine drugs such as Adderall – prescribed to treat narcolepsy and adhd, are in no fact different from meth(Crystal Meth) the receptors in the brain adhd meds work the same as crystal meth. In fact, the active ingredients of Adderall are actually 75% detroamphetamine salts, the other 25% are other amphetamines. I feel if i get put on these pills i am going to fall for the system/trap and I’m be stuck on these drugs/pills feeling like a zombie, I feel its gonna do damage in my gut and brain. Also how come big successful entrepreneurs who have adhd most refuse to take their pills and they still became successful. I need to see some articles or meet people who feel like i do and are actually proof that adhd are safe and actual help a person change his life drastically. Plus I always read people getting addicted and stuff on those pills and it messes up there lives than it actually helps. I already been having horrible gut problems (most likely where my depression/anxiety is coming from) brain gut connection. I know those pills gonna do some damage to my gut and i don’t want get stuck having to clean my system out of these drugs. I Just want all this pain and suffering to go away!! Im wasting my life and gifts/talents away. I don’t wanna be laying in my death bed with nothing to show for my life, looking back at all the things i wanted to do but never did because of my condition smh. This is horrible!! Ps. Im vegan and i barely eat 1 meal a day due to not being hungry etc and my therapist said it has alot to do with my depression. I dont drink pop, eat candy, no energy drinks, no artificial and natural sweeteners, gluten free, i don’t drink alcohol, i never did any drugs in my life except for what the dr’s had me on as a kid for adhd. I don’t want to poison my body/temple with meth(ADHD drugs). I know i sound like a mess, because honestly i am a horrible mess. I have zero motivation to do things i love or enjoy doing even if i really want tom my mind just feels super fatigued and i just shut down. So how am i gonna be able to do thing i hate doing like searching for a dead end job to go work in the 9-5 system which i hate more than anything in the world!! I try to be a very positive person even with all the negativity around me, I just feel no matter how much i try to stay positive the negativity always seems to take over. I dont hate a lot of things but I do hate the idea of working a 9 to 5 job stuck struggling, working paycheck 2 paycheck, Excuse my language but I FUCKING HATE IT!!, IT DRIVES ME CRAZY AND MAKES ME MISERABLE. I live with my mom and 5 year old sister and my mom works to hard and still struggles bad. she is always on my back about getting a job but every time my mom, grandma, or auntie start getting on me about a job I get very angry and my blood pressure rises and i start sweating bad, I just don’t understand. I also suffer from social anxiety which is why I am a homebody stuck in my comfort zone, i don’t exercise, i rarely even go outside, when i do i feel like a vampire the sun is soooo bright! I Just dont know who to trust or what to do anymore, im suffering and its killing me inside.

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      There is a bit to unpack here, but I’ll do my best. To start, I think you should be reevaluated by a psychiatrist. Whatever diagnoses you had as a kid, it may have been a misdiagnoses. Whether or not you want to go the medication route, should that be recommended based on a new evaluation, it would still be helpful to know the particular issues you’re dealing with. I can definitely see signs of anxiety and depression in what you’ve wrote, and those can be primary conditions, or they can be symptoms of another condition like ADHD.

      I also sense, and I mean no offense by this, that you’re behind in science literacy. That is the case with most Americans regardless of any mental health issues. The information you’re quoting above is derived from propaganda, not scientific understanding. Such propaganda comes from industries that are selling “health” products that aren’t confirmed through science to work (supplements, herbal remedies, acupuncture, homeopathy, some factions of psychotherapy, etc.) and thus they have a vested interest in confusing people about science. The techniques they use are two-fold, science-denial (calling science itself into question, without offering anything more reliable), and pseudoscience (using methodologies that look a lot like science, but careful examination reveals many deceptions and logical fallacies).

      I will address some of your concerns. Dextroamphetamine and Methamphetamine are similar, but they are not the same. The slightest difference in molecules makes a huge difference in effects and side effects. Both are available by prescription for ADHD, but Methamphetamine is rarely used; not because of safety issues, but because of public opinion.

      When it comes to toxicity, the substance doesn’t matter, it’s the dose. Even water is toxic if you take it in high enough doses. Another example, chlorine is not only safe to drink in small amounts, it’s healthy to drink in small amounts in water because it rids drinking water of disease causing microbes. But if you drank pure chlorine, it would kill you pretty quickly.

      The horror stories you hear about amphetamines come from people who abuse it and take very high doses of it. At prescribed doses, it is very safe. In fact, it’s safer than having untreated ADHD, where we know one’s quality of life is reduced (as you’ve pointed out about your own) and their chances of early death are greatly increased.

      ADHD is a real condition that is confirmed through several independent lines of evidence, including genetic markers that predict it, brain scans that show it, and identified behavior patterns that demonstrate it. They all line up and confirm each other. It’s also worth noting that ADHD has been identified and studied since 1775. Stimulants were first discovered to be an effective treatment in 1936; but it took “Big Pharma” until the 1970s to actually offer them for ADHD treatment. Meanwhile, doctors were prescribing it for ADHD anyway, which helped confirm its effectiveness. This is not a conspiracy from Big Pharma. Yes, they are profiting from it, but that in and of itself is not evidence of malicious manipulation. It’s only evidence of opportunism, which is valid behavior in a capitalist system.

      Yes, there are people with untreated ADHD who seem to find an area of success in their life. This is a result of hyper-focus. ADHDers can become highly skilled and focused in a particular area, but that doesn’t mean they cured their ADHD. I will bet everything I own that the big successful entrepreneurs you hear about are either lying, or are only successful in the workplace. Which is to say, their home life is probably a mess, their personal relationships probably suck, and their work relationships may suffer as well. In short, anecdotes don’t tell us anything about what is true or false about anything. That is why we have the scientific method to sort out fact from fiction.

      One final note: I think you may be malnourished, which will make all the issues you’re dealing with even more difficult. A vegan diet can be healthy, but it takes a lot of work to ensure you’re getting all the proper nutrition. Given that you’ve stated you’re not eating much, and given that you’ve stated you lack motivation, I think you’re hurting yourself with veganism. Medically speaking, there is no diet fad that is proven healthier than any other. Special diets are only ever recommended when there is a medical condition that is better suited for a special diet. Outside of that, science tells us that you should eat a varied diet that’s mostly plant based but includes meats and can include dairy. Eating processed foods and meats in moderation is fine. And if it gets you to eat, do it.

      Find the web site called “science based medicine dot org” (Google that). It will provide science based information on diet and mental health concerns.

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      JBoom I appreciate the help. I actually am seeing a psychiatrist. I been seeing her twice a week for the past month through my insurance(Medicaid). I was feeling super down today. When I went to my psychiatrist today she told me I’m dealing with 5 issues (Inattentive ADD/ADHD, Major Depression, Anxiety, Compulsive Issues, as well as low self-esteem/trust issues/social anxiety)

      She said ADHD is bad but it seems my depression is worse than ADHD? I think its my ADHD causing me to be depressed and stuff. I have to call the med management people at the same place so I can go for a evaluation. I’ll probably have to be put on some type of ADHD meds but I just feel like this isn’t reareal but I know I been dealing with something my whole life. And about the diet yes I’m vegan im doing my best to eat healthy but my depression or whatever doesn’t make me have a appetitite, I am eating 1 meal a day. The reason I went vegan was because I was dealing with a bunch of stomach issues and doctors did all the test and said I was fine but I know I’m not. I went vegan because I never liked meat and all that so it wasn’t that hard, the hardest thing to stopped was cheese and the junk food. I never heard of malnourished, I just had to see what that meant. Imma have my Dr. Test me for that as well when I go to my Dr. Appointment in a few weeks. I definitely am gonna stick to a plant based diet(vegan) I just need to start eating way more and getting the right nutrients and all that.

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