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      Hi all! My 1st grader w/ADHD and an IEP is currently in a gen ed setting. I was not able to have him placed in the ICT setting for this year. He is currently pulled out for OT (1x/wk), PT (1x/wk), reading resource room (4x/wk for 45 mins each), speech (1x/wk for 45 mins), and group therapy (1x/wk). He is missing significant amounts of classwork and the teacher is not going over the missed work with him as she does not have time – she is the only teacher in the classroom and an aide is available for at most 1 hr per day. Instead, the missed work is sent home and I am supposed to review with him, have him complete, and send back to class the next day. This is obviously in addition to his normal homework.
      I expressed concern that in light of his placement (gen ed) there is less staff available to him throughout the day to help him get up to speed with the missed work. I know from my experience with my older son, who is in an ICT setting, that if he is pulled out for any reason he really does not miss any classwork as there is a sufficient amount of staffing in the classroom to bring him up to speed. For instance, if he misses a few pages of math during the time he is pulled out, he will be able to go over this work when he returns with one of the three teachers/assistants in the classroom.
      When I expressed concern over the amount of work missed, I was told that choices would have to be made, intimating he should lose services so as not to miss classwork, or continue to miss classwork in order to continue services. I am embarrassed to say that I am in a quandary and am searching for any guidance on this issue. I am in NY and am hopeful someone would be able to point me in the right direction as to what options are available to us. Is it really a “this or that” option?

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      Penny Williams

      I can’t speak to a self-contained class and what qualifies a student for that. Giving a student more at-home work than their peers is punishing them for having a disability. It’s unacceptable. If they aren’t willing to place him in a special ed class, then they need to provide an aide or para-pro to him since he’s missing classwork for services. I would also ask that these pull-out sessions be timed to coincide with things that aren’t subjects he struggles in. Ideally PE or art or the like. I HATE to have said that, because these classes are important too, but there does have to be some compromise when a student needs pull-out. The reading pull-out should definitely coincide with reading instruction in the classroom.

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