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      Coffee Breath

      Howdy! I’m a 27-year-old recent diagnosee looking for medical treatment for ADHD. My family doctor is, unfortunately, not very knowledgeable about the disorder and did not feel comfortable prescribing me medication himself. No complaints here–I’m glad he was upfront about this–I would much rather see someone who has the expertise to determine what would be the best kind of medication for me and effectively monitor my progress along the way.

      My problem is this: I am looking for ADHD specialists who can provide me with psychiatric services ONLY. The reason for this is that, as some of you living in Ontario may already know, psychiatrist services are covered by OHIP, while psychological services are, sadly, not. After some googling, I was shocked to find that psychiatrists specializing in ADHD who take on adult clients are next to non-existent in Toronto. The very few doctors that I did find either had awful google ratings that scared me away completely, or just had no contact information/reviews aside from their name and location on the map.

      Does anybody know of any ADHD specialists in Toronto that fit my criteria? Is there even such thing as purely psychiatric ADHD services? Thank you kindly in advance. 🙂

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      Penny Williams

      There are a few Toronto clinicians listed in the ADDitude directory here:

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