Psychiatrist keeps dismissing my ADHD as depression/anxiety.

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      My psychiatrist doesnt believe i have adhd. Every article i read about adhd i relate to. I have all the problems and symptoms and im convinced i have the inattentive type. They want to send my teachers the survey to try and diagnose me but it never shows up on those, being in highschool teachers have 100+ students they dont notice im not doing work because im quiet and I’m smart. They think im just lazy. I really need validation or something. I feel as though im not understanding something everyone else does. I cant clean my room its nearly impossible. I cant focus on anything even conversation. Impulses daily and being unable to control my emotions/thoughts/actions/anything! I dont know what else to but come here for advice.

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      Depression and anxiety can be symptoms of ADHD instead of primary conditions. It may be difficult to do in your area, but if possible, find another doctor if you’re not happy with the one you have.

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      Penny Williams

      Yep, you can always get a second opinion. ADHD, anxiety, and depression are often misdiagnosed as one of the other 2 conditions.

      The ADHD Symptoms We Misdiagnose

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      Old lady

      Background: I’ve been through it since I got married in 1962. My husband had it. My two sons have it, one severely, minimal ld, total lack of emotional control, etc. diagnosed at age 3 by a pediatric neurologist. Until recently I never knew work had been done with adults, so I just lived through it. My husband died many years ago. My oldest son lives at home and always has because he also has severe IBS. Emotionally I am exhausted as well as physically handicapped. I asked my son to please talk with his student in training therapist about ADHD as my son denies he has it. I went with my son to a session to present my situation to the therapist. He asked me what are the three top problems. I answered. He said he will give my son a test and then will have to step away to score it. I stepped away. They came back in ten minutes and the therapist said he didn’t score high enough so no, he doesn’t have ADHD.

      My guess is that this happens over and over again to others. Does anyone know of a recognized source of information that could be given to such “experts” saying to them please evaluate the situation based on this scale?

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      It may not be a misdiagnosis exactly. It’s only very recently we are starting to understand anxiety, depression, OCD, ODD, emotional dysregulation, or the nine or so identified types of ADD, are all related. It’s why you hear so often that ADHD people are also dealing with comorbid conditions. It’s all variations of Executive Function Disorder. Saying “variations” doesn’t mean we are all dealing with the same issues. A person with ADD isn’t the same as someone with, say, clinical depression. But all of these issues are centered in the prefrontal cortex.

      The best docs aren’t just using a scale. That’s important because some people will try to game the system to get stimulant meds. The scale should be a starting point.

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      Old lady

      When one has been dealing with the same set of behaviors for 55 years with three people and a fourth if you count the father-in-law, it was an off the cuff misdiagnosis alright by someone who is still wet behind his ears. I’ve read the literature also. It’s just that so many in the social work business should start to realize that they are dealing with other people’s lives and are not there just as a place for others to come and vent. I worked for 8-1/2 years at a place where counselors were the staff. Higher standards are needed before degrees are handed out. I have much sympathy for the person who started this thread.

      I’m not in the business so I’m asking, why would someone be paying $200 an hour to get stimulants?

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      “differential diagnosis” is an organized disciplined pattern of questions the doctor asks in order to * eliminate wrong diagnosis that a first hunch seem plausible, so it’s not unusual for a doctor with little formal training or experience in ADD to end up eliminating the ADD/ADHD in an effort to be precise and correct. Some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression are the same as ADD/ADHD especially inattentive type. It’s also possible that you have co-occurring symptoms of ADD and anxiety and depression. Try to find a new psychiatrist who has experience & knowledge about inattentive ADD and get a 2nd opinion.

      (I’m an adult with inattentive ADD GAD (anxiety) and sometimes depression.

      Please let us know if you are successful. Also let us know if you are unable to get a 2nd opinion as there are people here who could help you suggest studies for the doctor to read.

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