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    I need help and I am unsure what to do at the minute with work. I work in an IT helpdesk where we take inbound calls. I was diagnosed with ADHD 8 months ago and from Diagnosis and taking meds to now I have been absolutely flying in work, I took my manager to my Adult ADHD meeting to be transparent with work about what I am doing, taking, difficulties and coping techniques.

    My manager during this time has been awesome, instead of looking at stats he developed me with ADHD in mind and I’ve gone from poor figures to having an Interview this Thursday for a job Promotion in our Technical Tier 2 team. Words cannot describe how excited I am about it.

    4 weeks ago, my manager left the company and I have now gone under a new manager who is only interested in stats and has completely removed all my development opportunities and we now clash almost every day. I’ve gone from a full-time hyperfocus job which I love to now a boring waiting for calls to come in 15 minutes at a time and my ADHD symptoms are back with a vengeance.

    One thing I have always MASSIVELY struggled with is timesheets, leave, flexi records. They aren’t difficult to complete I just used to always forget to complete them, miss the deadlines for completing them. I can rebuild a network infrastructure but this is just something I have had a problem with. Anyways, I told my old manager I struggled with them and he used to just complete the timesheets and said not to worry about flexi times just work on workforce planning records and leave sheet we will just sort at the end of the year, he would just tell me if I started to run out of Annual leave.

    As my manager was just completing the timesheets on autopilot and me not even acknowledging it and focussing on my development, there are no records on my personnel file of what we were doing, the new manager has now said I have gone over my leave allowance, flexi times and not completed my timesheet and wants to put it down as a gross misconduct…which potentially could be a sackable offence. I am now at full panic stations and I don’t know what to do!?

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    Is your diagnosis on file? Even if not, ADHD is protected under the ADA. If your manager won’t accommodate your ADHD, go to HR and explain the situation. That’s where I would start.

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    Penny Williams

    Definitely have a confidential conversation with HR. Maybe they can reach out to the old manager for some clarity.

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