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      Hi there,

      I’d just like to hear how others are managing with staying productive during these stressful times.

      I live in South Africa and we’re currently on day 26 of Lockdown (not even allowed to leave the house for exercise, only essential shopping and medical emergencies). I’m a post-graduate law student and NEED to be working consistently despite what’s happening around me.

      I take a combination of Concerta and Ritalin ( I believe others call it Adderal – concerta is slow release and Ritalin is faster acting).
      My problem is my anxiety is currently very high due to the circumstances and naturally, taking these stimulants makes my anxiety a lot worse.
      On the other hand, without my medication, it is very difficult for me to study effectively. The global pandemic has also had a severe impact on my concentration and it’s even harder than usual to keep myself on track.

      If anyone has any advise I’d appreciate whatever is offered.

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      Penny Williams

      ADDitude pulled together an ADHD Work From Home Guide here:

      The ADHD WFH Guide: 7 Ways to Build Essential Structure Right Now

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I have had similar feelings/concerns

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      I am a final year Philosophy student from the UK, I am on Medikenet for ADHD and I am currently working on my dissertation so understand to some extent the stresses you are experiencing. The first thing I would say is to be kind to yourself! To be doing your degree with the additional stresses we face every day and under lockdown is an amazing achievement. Don’t put the same pressure on yourself as you would typically. These are not typical circumstances!

      At the same time, I understand that there are just simply tasks that need to be completed. One thing that has helped me is to make a clear distinction between workspace and relaxing space. This is especially important for me since I only have my bedroom and as you are a student this might be the same for you. To do this I have a routine I follow before I work. For example, I take my chair and put it under the desk, I open the curtains and close them IMMEADIATLY when I stop working. Setting up work conditions has really helped me to distinguish between the two.It seems silly but these little environmental changes really help me with my ADHD.

      A big thing for me is also getting enough sleep. My symptoms are extremely difficult to deal with when I’m tired. I know, however, that this is something which can be difficult especially when your feeling anxious about what is happening. One technique I use is to say ‘I am closing my eyes now and I am going to sleep,’ over and over it blocks off a million pathways in my head (sometimes but not always). Some days it will, of course, be difficult but be extra kind to yourself on those days when you’ve not had a good rest!

      Finally, I would recommend engaging with your work in different forms. Sometimes reading words on a page can be dull and boring (especially when you have a million other things in your mind). If you can go on youtube and watch a video related to your study or imagine your having a debate with someone and speak it out loud. All these different methods help me when I get bored of just reading over and over and over and help me to be passionate about the topic again.

      Hope this helps and isn’t too self-righteous. I am struggling deeply too but like I said we have to be kind to ourselves first and foremost. Hope you are doing ok and have a wonderful day.

      All the best x

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      Maybe talk to your doctor about a non-stimulant medication. I was prescribed Adderall but I couldn’t take the anxiety it caused and it up upset my stomach. A new doctor just put me on Wellbutrin for anxiety, depression, and ADD. so far it’s helping my focus without any negative mood effects.

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