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      Could anyone share a thought about this? I just started taking generic Adderall XR.

      Basically, has there been a jump in the price of the generic of adderall XR in the last month?

      I had a 30 cap RX filled at a Costco here in NJ on 4-1 and it cost about $25 under my express scripts insurance (I pay the full price of meds till I get to my deductible).

      Looking to get another month now at a CVS in NYC, (and the express scripts website confirms it) it is costing $81 or so. Calling express scripts, they say the retail price DID go up that much and the retail price went from $70 to $200 now?

      But costco is saying their current ‘retail’ price is $65? (which is what I’ll be paying by using Good RX).

      Does the generic Adderall XR jump around in price or is this just a fluke?

      Thank you and stay safe!!

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