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      In my second year of college I went to my PCP and told him of my symptoms (inattention, lack of motivations, etc) and he gave me an amphetamine prescription. Since I was away at college and my insurance was only valid in my home state, I wasn’t able to get it again. In college I found that the environment gave me a lot of ways to manage my symptoms in my own way like frequent breaks, no regimented schedule. Now that I am graduated and have started a full time job my symptoms have been compounding. Things like constantly leaving my desk, not listening in meetings, tardiness, and inability to complete my objectives. Outside of work I have found it incredibly difficult to stay on track with all my new responsibilities like paying rent on time and paying bills. After a lot of procrastination, I finally got health insurance where I live and I am now looking for a psychiatrist that specializes in adult ADHD. I am worried that I am going to sink an incredible amount of money seeing this doctor only to have them say I don’t have it or refuse to prescribe me a stimulant, even though I know it works because I have had the prescription before. I am extremely fearful that I will lose my job if I can’t get this under control. My management has already given me a evaluation that says they find I don’t listen in meetings, noted my tardiness, and said that I cannot leave my office as often as I do.

      Has anyone had an experience with being prescribed stimulants by a PCP without a formal diagnosis?
      What can I expect from my psychiatrist in terms of diagnosis?
      What is my recourse if I don’t get diagnosed?

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      If you have your old pill bottle (with the prescription info.), that should help. Bringing in old paperwork and med. containers was beneficial when I switched providers. I didn’t get diagnosed until my mid-twenties (after undergrad). Good luck!

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      Thank you for the reply. I no longer have the pill bottle. But, I do assume my PCP has the prescription inside my medical record. Did you have difficulty with diagnosis?

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      Penny Williams

      All you can do is go forward and see what happens. Some PCPs are less knowledgeable about ADHD and may brush off your concerns. But, there are many that are helpful with ADHD adults. This article will help you with moving forward in this process.

      You Think You’ve Got Adult ADHD — What to Know

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Thank you, I appreciate the help.

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      The pharmacy that filled your prescription will have a record of prescribed medications. If it is a chain pharmacy, you can ask for your history at the one closest to you.

      I have recently otter a printout that went 6 year’s back.
      Hope this helps.

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