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      Hi everyone … i hope Someone Can come with a suggestion to my issue.

      I am 38 years and having ADHD, i’ve been treated with methylphenidate with a good effect, the only problem is that it lasts a short period of time, i tried Concerta, vyvanse, Strattera … but no good really. We always head back to methylphenidate.
      I do work as a surgeon so it is impeactical for me to take a pill avery 4 hours and i need a medication that covers the whole Day.

      I Read that is it possible to ger methylphenidate in a dermal patch form. The problem is that i live in Danmark and we dont have those.

      My question is, any idea how it is possible for me to get dermal methylphenidate patch, from the US, i cannot buy Them online because i need a prescription from an American doctor and i only have prescription from my danish psychiatrist.
      Please any idea about what Are my options ?
      Thank you

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      Penny Williams

      I do not know how you could get Daytrana in a country that doesn’t sell it. Are there any other long-acting methylphenidates you have not tried yet? I don’t know what’s available in your country.

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