Prescribed adderall IR once a day not enough to get thru day?

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      Hi, i am 21 years old i have had adhd since i was a jid. I wasnt always treated, however ive been more self aware lately how i really needed medicated. I finaly went to the doctor a week ago, they prescribed generic adderall IR 10 mg, told to take 1/2 to 1 just once a day. The little blue pill or whatever. For the first maybe 4-6 hours of my work day i have to say it really helps my adhd and helps me get things done and not get distracted and it also helps my energy levels. Then after that i can tell it wears off and then i feel like BLAH. Is this something i should communicate to my doctor at my next appointment? Is this normal for a 1st time dose also? I dont want them to think im like abusing it bit idk why they qould prescribe ir just once a day.

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      Penny Williams

      If you are taking IR, that’s immediate release and the duration of efficacy is 4 hours. Most people who take immediate release take it 2-3 times a day. Adderall also comes in XR, a time-release formulation that is meant to last most of the day and is only taken once.

      Definitely talk with your prescribing doctor about your experience so you can work together to make adjustments to make the medication more beneficial.

      This article will help you understand ADHD medications better too:

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

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      I am going through the same thing and it is extremely frustrating. After 2 years of therapy and coaching, I was able to change patterns and behaviors in my life to help me stay more focused, on task, and productive. While the changes to my life like diet, suppliments, exercise, and organizational changes helped I decided to go seek medication at 29 years old. My first visit with my doc was 3 minutes and he gave me a script for 10mg Adderall IR (generic). The first 2 days was a little rough with the instant burst of energy, focus, and emotion. After that I was so much more productive, very social, and super confident which goes a long way in my profession. About 3 weeks in I started feeling those dreaded crashes everyone talks about. If I took a pill at 7am, I would hit a wall around noon or 1pm. By my follow up visit(5 weeks of treatment) I explained that at first it was a great help and I want to continue but I am only feeling the effects for 3-4 hours at this point. The doc said “Its not supposed to be an all day thing, stay on the 10mg”. I mentioned that I know its not an all day thing and most days I don’t even make it to noon before I am almost useless from the crash.

      3rd month seeing the doc, I’m still on 10mg IR and it is very annoying. Now I have to choose between being partially productive or crashing. I only take my meds on days I work and its embarrassing when I may be in the office with my team and they notice how “on the ball” I am in the morning but how in the afternoon I’m silent and struggling. I am currently seeking another doc as I really need to find this balance.

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