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      Hello all, hoping for some kindly advice! I’ve just started the process of referral with my GP and she needs me to write a statement providing anecdotal evidence, including from my childhood (under age 12). I’m struggling with this part a bit! Looking at lists of ADHD symptoms in girls specifically, I can identify with these statements:
      Seems shy (I was socially awkward then and am now)
      Appears withdrawn (very introverted)
      Cries easily
      Looks to be making careless mistakes
      Disorganised and messy (I would try to outwardly copy those who I saw to be organised but obviously couldn’t reorganise the inside of my brain)

      I don’t particularly remember being easily distracted, although I started to be very bad at maths after about age 10 as I just couldn’t grasp the concepts and tuned out. Otherwise I was very bright, came from an academic family and had a strict mother, loved reading and dance and would have spent all my time doing that if I could. I was a very anxious child though I think I masked it (and a lot of the other symptoms). I was one of four girls and career/emotional life outcomes are noticeably different in me compared to the others. The academic differences were quickly noticable once I was at high school (age 11) and had exams to revise for etc. That’s when I started to lose concentration and my mum started to use to word lazy.I identify very much with most adult female ADHD symptoms but am I barking up the wrong tree as I don’t know if I’m looking at the right things from earlychildhood?

      What am I missing here? Unfortunately my parents are both dead so I can’t ask for their input on this. I’m hesitating asking my sisters as I don’t think they would take it very seriously.

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      I am currently waiting for my ADHD assessment (next month). I don’t want to ask my family to contribute to my assessment.

      First you have a lot of symptoms you identify with so make a list of times from you childhood and now that show how these symptoms affect you.

      You are not expected to hit every criteria maybe you are more daydreamy than distracted ADHD is different for everyone.

      I am lucky enough to have some of my old school notebooks and reports. If you have anything like that it might be worth going through as it might jog your memory of things that happened or how you thought and felt when you were younger.

      Even old photos might remind you of stories people have told you about yourself when you were younger.

      You could also try to fish out some information from your sisters without telling them about the assessment. You could just say I feel like I am more daydreamy than I was when I was younger, what do you think?

      But don’t stress too much as any competent assessor will know how to assess an adult with limited childhood knowledge and if you disagree with the assessment you can always ask for a second opinion!

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      Thank you Ryoto, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.
      I might have some old school books around, that’s a good idea!!

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