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      In short, my now 18 year old son has suffered from very, very severe ADHD throughout life, and education has been a very big struggle. He is a senior, but it does not appear as though he will now graduate. He entered into the school year with a 3.0 but now has a 25% in most classes. He had a music scholarship at a state university since he missed his conservatory deadlines. His functioning has declined severely after a medical malpractice regarding medications. His ADHD prescriber prescribed Cortef (hydrocortisone) for more natural energy. Apparently, this is actually a medication for adrenal dysfunction and hormone replacement. He was never tested for Addison’s, etc., nor did he apparently have symptoms prior to prescribing this. He was withdrawn from most of it, but struggles more than ever, despite same high dosages for ADHD meds. He ran away and became homeless but I am handling all of the medications, supplement drs. with information since he seems not to understand the questions (which has been historically poor), gotten a felony speeding ticket when he had no meds (all drs quit when they learned of this medication prescribe and was without meds at time) and so I cannot communicate with attorney for that because he’s 18, he has a pending SSA DAC application for disability initiated prior to even learning of malpractice.

      Now with this coronavirus, school has ended being in-school for the remainder of the year. He was meeting with teachers one-on-one and receiving tutoring after school prior beginning in late February. His 504 has not been updated formally since before entering the school year. I don’t know if there’s a medical incomplete or what options are available. I got in touch with his previous special education attorney to become more informed as to options (who is quarantined because someone in the building tested positive). I am to attain school records and a POA because she does not feel as though he is competent to be a client. Have any of you gotten a POA for school or other support issues – special, limited, or? I need to find a form to have him sign to proceed. Any suggestions on direction to go temporarily at least until he’s more stabilize? Thanks.

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