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      Hi everyone. Just thought I would ask as I find myself feeling lost. I am 25 and have always felt different. I recently got diagnosed with dyspraxia and felt that this difference may be due to this. However after further research I feel that I could possibly be ADD. I am not overly hyperactive but as I was born three months early and underwent major surgery for two years. I am smart and achieved high grades at school however was constantly labelled a daydreamer. My parents where quite single minded and never thought of the long term effects premature birth can have. Its only through my own research I am coming to realise. I feel I cant explain this to others as they will dismiss it but my thoughts go very fast. That inner voice never stops to the point carrying out boring tasks is borderline impossible as I start and stop multiple tasks constantly. I get on with people but I am not what I would call on best friend terms with anyone. If I do decide to pursue a diagnosis does anyone have any clue how I would go about it? I am UK based. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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