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      Hi Everyone,

      I am the spouse of someone with severe ADHD (inattentive type) and I am desperately trying to help him find his way but hitting walls. My husband went undiagnosed for his entire youth and all the way through college and he was just recently diagnosed. His grades in undergrad were fairly good because he picked a fairly easy major but since graduating he decided he wants to go into Physical Therapy. Please let me say here that MY HUSBAND WOULD BE AN EXCELLENT PHYSICAL THERAPIST. Fitness and general wellness is his passion and he learns stuff related to functional movement very quickly–he has shadowed physical therapists and they have all been impressed with his knowledge and ability to pick up what they’ve shown him just in a day at shadowing. However, he has to take a lot of science courses to apply to Physical Therapy School and he is not doing well. He has failed or done very poorly in all of the science classes he has taken and this has brought his GPA down below acceptable levels for application to Grad School (or even for Physical Therapist Assistant school). I find it unacceptable that because he did poorly in classes prior to his diagnosis that he is unable to pursue his dream job.

      My question is; is there a way to address this? Is there a way to show the colleges that he is very bright and would do well in the actual Physical Therapy Program because these are classes he is interested in (seriously, he’s like a sponge with this stuff). Should I go to the office of disability services? I am open to any ideas because I am tired of watching him be miserable in his current job. Please help.

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      Penny Williams

      The office of disability services is likely the best place to start. However, I don’t think they will discuss it with you, only with the student. I do think there’s hope that he can get into the program if he reaches out to disability services and maybe even writes a letter to the application board explaining everything, with his diagnosis.

      There may be a few nuggets of wisdom to help in this article:

      How to Apply to College When You Have ADHD

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