PLEASE RESPOND-SECOND REQUEST Regarding gov't transportation vans

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    Hello, This is my second request for advice regarding my 23 y/o grandson with developmental delays, LD, ADHD, and chromosomal abnormalities. PLEASE take a few moments to read my post and respond, if only a short response. am his 70 y/o grandma, and it’s difficult making some of these decisions on my own. This forum has been helpful for years. Thank you, Sharon

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    Dr. Eric

    I think that they challenge for other people answering is that there is not a universal standard for their vetting process.

    I am sure there is one, especially here in the People’s Republic of California.
    However, I don’t know what it is for anyone other than school-hired school-bus drivers.

    In general, positions like this are over-worked, under-paid, and under-trained.
    It doesn’t mean that there are not great people.

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