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      minas mom

      So my daughter is 7. She has been diagnosed owed with adhd and started meds 2 weeks ago. She is very angry all the time, she gets upset and is mean to people and other kids. Me myself she is very bossy, demanding and defiant. When noises are loud she gets mad covers her ears and scream and flails her arms. She babbles baby talk when she upset. She either screams or goes mute. I’m really questioning if she is autism. We are hopefully getting tested soon by a neuropsychologist. I know adhd and autism are similar as well as sensory. She also had a very extreme mild hearing loss I. The right ear since birth. Ian at my end with her. We live with my roommate and her two boys 4 and 2 and her 4 hear old is on the spectrum. Any advice help please

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      Penny Williams

      You are wise to get an additional evaluation for autism — that’s the only way to know if she’s on the spectrum. It’s common to have both ADHD and autism.

      Let’s talk about her anger. Did that start with the medication or was it always an issue? If it started with medication, you need to talk with the prescribing doctor about this. It’s a sign that it’s the wrong medication or wrong dosage for her. Here’s some info on getting the right meds:

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

      If the anger has always been an issue, it could be poor coping skills or frustration tolerance, which could be a symptom of either ADHD or autism or both.

      Is My Child with ADHD on the Autism Spectrum?

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      Hi @minas,
      As you are asking about your 7 years old daughter. Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means that people can experience a wide range of symptoms and of varying severities. For example, a person with autism who is towards the high functioning range of the spectrum will have a good grasp of language, but a person towards the low functioning range of the spectrum may not speak at all.
      As such, it is important to note that a person with autism spectrum disorder will not display all symptoms and symptoms will vary in severity. However, a person with ASD will display several of these behaviors and signs. Such as Common signs of autism are Difficulty interpreting different emotions in others, Not seeming attached to parents, Lacking interest in playing social games or the company of other children, Interest in playing with one particular toy or object,
      Echolalia, repeating other people’s words or phrases, Repeating own words over and over, Using formal language and expressions, rather than the slang of their peers, Not developing language skills at all, Difficulty toilet training, Having tantrums or meltdowns, Physically aggressive behaviour, Challenging behaviour, such as banging head on wall or picking at skin, Engages in behavior such as flapping hands, rocking or twirling

      If you feel these symptoms in your daughter then test your daughter to a psychologist. Thanks,

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