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      I am literally desperate and am hoping someone may be able to assist!!!

      I have been through SO SO MUCH and want so badly to move forward!

      I am a 54 year old female that has SEVERE ADHD. I discovered I had ADHD approximately 25 years ago when I began researching information due to difficulties I was having with my son, a toddler at the time, and discovered not only did I, my son, as well as my siblings, have ADHD.

      I desperately need to find a SPECIALIST in ADHD not a doctor that “Thinks” they treat ADHD. I live outside of Pensacola, FL and can’t find anyone that TRULY specializes and understands ADHD. I need a dr that will listen to me.

      I’ll put some bullet points to make info easier.

      – I was taking a high dose of Adderall years ago and doing GREAT and functioning well

      – Had a fantastic psychiatrist that unfortunately retired

      – Became severely ill and bedridden due to years of undiagnosed Crohns

      – Frustratingly had major surgery and had to go on disability

      – For years on minimal amt of Adderall (didn’t need as not really functioning)

      – Been in remission for awhile

      – After about 10 years of just “existing” my mom diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

      – I’m “thankfully” forced back into life and TRYING to function and having MAJOR DIFFICULTY

      – Current psychiatrist feels I’m at maximum dosage “allowed” (I was on much higher when I was successful) and refuses to discuss

      – Told me to “Make dosage I’m given work”- Aaaaaahhhhhgggg!!!!

      – I tried to explain difficulties and how frustration etc now affecting my health

      – Due to my research and activism for my mom he actually asked me if I thought about going back to school to help others in health field & told me how knowledgeable I am – BUT WONT DISCUSS ME AND MEDS or help

      – I am SO SO tired ALL the time (have NO problem sleeping, could sleep all the time)

      – Tried explaining to doctor I could take tons of Adderall as it doesn’t keep me awake (I sleep a lot after dose even if not wanting too)

      So much more I could share I just REALLY want to start living and being successful and start feeling better about myself!

      So sorry for the length, ANY help appreciated!!!

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      hi I have just been diagnosed and I’m 55 what a rollercoaster.. anyway I wish you well is this any help –

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      Penny Williams

      There are many professionals in FL listed in the ADDitude Directory as well:

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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        Hi Penny! Thank you for responding. The directory is one of the first places I looked. (Actually it’s how I found the ADDitude website, which I love!) However none listed are even close to me as I am in the panhandle and the others are more southern. I am especially looking for a psychiatrist as I need someone that will work closely with me and medication and there were no Psychiatrists listed in Fl at all. When I discovered ADHD 25 years ago there were several “specialists” in this area. I have had no luck locating them or anyone in this area that is listed as a “specialist”. I have only found so far Psychiatrists that only know generalities about ADHD. I’ve done searches and checked other sites, again with no luck.

        Maybe you can tell me this, is it possible to find a good doctor that would work with me from a distance? I don’t know how that would work, phone, FaceTime, or other? I’m limited in funds obviously but, At this point I’m willing to do just about anything to work with someone that REALLY knows about ADHD!!!

        Thank you so much for your help😊


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        Penny Williams

        Current laws prohibit them from working with you out of state unless they see you in person every so often. Not sure if it’s within the same state. Have you tried asking your GP for a referral to a specialist/psychiatrist? They often have resources to refer you to.

        You could also try reaching out to specialists in other parts of the state to ask them if they know of a psychiatrist in your area that specializes in ADHD. They very well might.

        ADDconnect Moderator, Author on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen boy with ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      We are having same issue here. Apparently the max effective dose has been set in stone and is below what many people have been taking. Recommendation and therefore the new guideline ( from Epocrates webpage) Adderall for ADHD
      [5-40 mg/day PO divided qd-tid]
      Start: 5 mg PO qam or bid, may incr. by 5 mg/day qwk; Info: duration 5-8h; give divided doses at 4-6h intervals; doses >40 mg/day rarely more effective. Elsewhere on the site it lists health risks associated with high dose, including heart attack, stroke, and kidney damage.
      Your psychiatrist needs to consider why your current dose is not working well. ADHD often comes with other disorders and treating them may help. And working with an ADHD coach is helpful if you can access one.

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      Wish I could recommend someone from you area….. However, I can offer my experience with Adderall dosage… I had a similar problem with Adderall… But the highest dosage was no longer working and my doctor wouldn’t go any higher.

      Cue in to my own desperate search of a competent psychiatrist I found that educational psychiatrist (they also work with adults!) and/or neuropsychologist are much more effective and educated on appropriate medication.

      I actually ended up switching from adderall but my doctor allows me to keep a prescription handy, which I take about a fourth or half in the latter afternoon times as a boost to the vyvanse I am taking. Not sure if this is going to change over time either, but honestly, it has made a difference.

      Perhaps changing from adderall? Or even changing the type of doctor you are searching for so they could perhaps re-examine your current needs and the appropriate medications you could benefit from? I would definitely recommend looking for an educational or neuropsychologist/psychiatrist who works with adults and specializes in ADHD… Not just any run of the mill psych or doctor will work… At least not in my experience.

      Good luck!

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      Hello Paige have you succeeded in your search for as doctor that doesn’t have an issue prescribing the dosage you need? I do know of one that does teledoc but would love to find one that excepts midicaid.

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