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      I’m tired of trying every medicine and getting terrible results. I’m bipolar, I have adhd, and severe anxiety. I’ve tried Adderall XR, Teva, Mylan, and Aurobindo. Nothing works. I’m zoned out on Adderall xr, teva and Mylan. Aurobindo exacerbates my adhd x 10. Can someone please tell me what could help? I dont want generic because they are full of pure crap. I just want to feel normal. At this point, I dont care how much the meds would cost or if it’s legal or not.

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      Penny Williams

      Co-morbid ADHD and bipolar can be tricky to treat. I think many clinicians feel you have to get the bipolar under control before treating the ADHD.

      Comorbid Considerations Q&A: Treating Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, or Autism Alongside ADHD

      Treatment for the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      what does commorbid adhd mean?

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        In addition to. I was first diagnosed as bipolar and then I was diagnosed a few months ago as having adhd

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      I’m just tired of mental illness as a whole. I have to take meds to treat my symptoms and then more meds have to be added or increased to counteract other symptoms. It’s like being a recipe: add and take away things until its edible. Things work for a few months and then they have to be adjusted. I have to be like this for the rest of my life and it sucks. I’ve attempted suicide a multiple times in the past because it

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      I don’t have bipolar, so I don’t know what it’s like balancing meds like that, but it sounds like a total nightmare.

      What kind of non-medical stuff have you tried? I’ve always wanted to go with medicine as a more concrete solution, but it’s never worked super well for me. At this point I’m of the opinion that, while ADHD makes certain things inherently difficult, practice can shift things. Specifically, I’ve been trying to practice “mindfulness”, and over the past year I think it’s helped a lot. Being aware of the progress I’ve made has been a struggle in itself, but it’s definitely made a difference.

      People talk about exercise for mood a lot, too. It can be really hard to make the time or find the energy for that, but if you’re able, it could be worth looking into.

      If you really want a medicine-like solution, and you’re not worried about cost, maybe you could look into neurofeedback? I mean, it costs thousands, and insurance probably doesn’t cover it, and some people seem to be skeptical about it, but I’ve been thinking seriously about trying it.

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      My daughter had DNA testing in order to help her psych better choose & balance her meds. She’s going through puberty so her old combo was no longer effective. We’re now working on getting it to a new right. It’s frustrating but I know we’ll find it – she’s frustrated & sometimes wants to give up. It’s an ongoing struggle but worth it – before puberty she had 2 1/2 amazing years

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