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      My son was diagnosed with ADHD early in pre-school. Several times throughout the years we truce him on ADHD medications. He was bouncing off the walls. One psychiatrist put him on Chlonodine (heart medicine). One doctor said he has anxiety and now the latest dr. Diagnosed him with ADHD and prescribed generic Vylanese. I am so afraid of negative side effects of medication. We have had therapist at home, outside counseling etc. He struggles with memory and failing math. Not doing too bad with others. Teachers always comment he has a hard time focusing. Can someone please share their child’s medication experience? I have tried so many other options. Also my son is very inpulsive.

      Thank you.

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      I just want to encourage you to try some interventions in addition to medication. Consider for example taking him to a functional medicine practitioner with adhd experience who could guide you towards dietary changes and supplements that might help. The other two big interventions that I would recommend is lots of outdoor time, lots of physical exercise, and strict limitations on, if not the elimination of, screen time. So many parents complain about the difficulties that screen time can cause but then they act as though they’re somehow required to allow it. We as parents don’t have to follow the culture on that. Our children will find other ways to occupy themselves. Finally I would recommend looking up some guided meditations for him online. Giving children training in mindfulness can be very beneficial.

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        Hi! I think my opinion is a little different, but I want to share because I so understand how frustrating being 13 and ADHD is. I do think that diet and meditation can impact adhd. However, thinking you might be able to control those in a 13 year old is probably far fetched.
        I have tried medication after medication through the years. What I have found is there are side effects and then things that feel like side effects but are actually the medication working. In college I kept trying to go off my meds because they made me sleepy. The reality is that without the meds I only need about 4 hours of sleep. But then over time my impulsivity and emotions get out of hand. On meds, I’m sleepy and need about 8 hours of sleep. That isn’t a side effect. That is how most people work. It is really hard to differentiate when you are in it. So, I would say keep trying. However, if the doctor can’t explain why he has chosen one med over another and what the next step is if this doesn’t work, I would move on. Look at reaching out to the nearest CHADD group – it is a great way to get the skinny on the local docs. Best of luck to you both.

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      Thank you.

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      Penny Williams

      The only way to know what medication will be like for your child is for your child to try it. Everyone reacts differently to stimulant medications because it depends on genetics, metabolism, and neurochemistry of each individual.

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

      What’s good about stimulants is that you can stop taking them if there are too many negative side effects. They work when in the system (4-12 hours depending on the medication) and have no effect when not.

      Here’s a great discussion of why different families decided to try stimulant medications and the outcomes:

      To Medicate or Not Medicate?

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      Thank you

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      The key to taking ADHD medications is constancy! i’ve been taking Adderall for about a year and a half and it was like a switch flicked when I started taking it every day, rather than when I thought I needed it. When I was taking it to study for a test, or finish a project, tasks that required my undivided focus, I was irritable, I didn’t eat, and I became almost robotic. But as soon as I started taking my Adderall every day, my emotions and actions began to shift back to where I normally operate. It takes some time, but eventually my appetite came back, I was able to joke and laugh with my family, and my perspective on life became more positive as a result of my medication and consistency. The first few days, or even weeks might be scary, it might seem as though your son isn’t himself, but if his journey is anything like mine, he’ll soon be back to his old self, but with more control and the ability to focus.

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