Plant based Omega 3??

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      I spend so much money each month on vitamins and supplements — that is when I actually remember to take them and buy them. I recently discovered a company (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention the company name so I won’t) that makes a multi vitamin for women that contains all the things I usually take (omega3, magnesium, vitamin b, etc) and they deliver it monthly to your home so you don’t have to worry about remembering (good for us ADHDers!) My only concern is that since the company is vegan, the omega3s are plant based rather than from fish oil and I remember reading that fish oil is the preferred omega3 for ADHD symptoms. Does anyone have experience with plant based omegas? In your experience are they effective for ADHD symptoms? Is there something specific I should look for in a plant based omega to make sure it’s going to be effective?

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      I often forget to take mine too! It’s one of the reasons I prefer pills over liquid: Liquid needs to be kept in the fridge, which means that my supplements are kept in more than one place. If they’re all together (on the counter or in a cupboard) I’m more likely to take them. (One would think that taking the pills would trigger a reminder to go to the fridge, but that doesn’t happen.)

      While you could take those supplements, I’d recommend also taking fish oil. The important Omega3 are EPA and DHA. Fish oils are the only concentrated source of these two. The body can synthesize EPA and DHA from ALA (a short chain fatty acid), but only a tiny bit of ALA gets converted to EPA (articles I’ve read have varied reporting in how much is converted, from 5%-less than 1%), and less than 0.5% of ALA is converted to DHA.

      For brain health, a high amount of DHA is recommended. I find it a challenge to find a supplement high in DHA. So many are high in EPA but don’t have much DHA. I was at a health food trade show last weekend and one of my goals was to find the perfect omega-3 supplement. I asked representatives of each product what makes theirs unique & superior, and discovered products from two companies that I intend to watch. One of the products comes from seals and contains DPA, which can boost absorption of DHA and EPA.

      To my first comment about liquid vs. pills: Some say that liquid is more easily absorbed and used, but I figure that it’s better to buy high-quality pills and remember to take them than to buy liquid that will sit in the fridge unused.

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      Skip the fish oil. The quality and conversion from straight algae is better and more efficient. Why go through the fish to get the be edits if what he’s eating? Cut out the middle fish and go straight to the source. We aren’t carnivores. We’re not even omnivores or herbivores. We are frugivores. Google image search for “comparative anatomy carnivore frugivore” and it’ll be instantly clear: we were not designed lacking something that we must get from fish.

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      Just eat lard. Its chock full of Omega 3 and is delicious. I can eat that stuff by the jar.

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