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      Hi all,

      Since being diagnosed with ADHD (it will be a year this christmas), I have been moderately successful at getting things together. It’s amazing how once you understand your brain isn’t like everyone elses (it’s like a magical raccoon- a nuisance but amazingly fun and smart) you can confidently do things outside the box with great results.

      I have been successful at keeping a weekly spiral planner, but when I switch between my purse on the weekends and briefcase during the week I tend to forget my planner. Of course once I forget it takes a few days before I remember to grab that planner and many balls could be dropped or never caught.

      The one thing i always have is my phone so I decided to go digital. I have tried google calendars, a google sheets template, and a few apps but have failed because they are boring. I look forward to adding things to my planner because as I add appointments I decorate pages with colors, doodles, and stickers. Unfortunately, all the techie things I have tried are plain jane and do not allow the adding of multiple text/color, stickers, emojis, or images. It’s just text. Blah (I am fighting the urge to glameriz this entry because I don’t want it to be visual overwhelming).

      Does anyone have any suggestions? Awesome apps, good document templates, or a way to slap me when I am switching bags. Ugghh.. raccoons, best of intentions, but oohhh…. there’s a little bit of cream in the corner of the ho-ho packages and I need to create the smallest arm extender to get it……

      Thank you all for reading and any suggestions!


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      Penny Williams

      I found a couple that allow you to handwrite on the calendar. Then you can doodle away! 🙂

      You just need one of those apps, and a stylus that works on your phone.

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      Haven’t found a “perfect” planner, yet. I’ve found that using Google calendar works for online (you can add entries from email and set multiple reminders). I also use a paper planner mostly for planning ahead and for tracking progress and details.

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