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    I have been diagnosed with ADHD over 10 years ago. I am called the poster child, well now adult for ADHD. Without my meds, it can take me up to 3 hours to get ready for bed. My actions reveal my adhd struggle constantly, I’ll go to take an adderall, forget to take it, not remember if I took it or not, and the cycle goes on.
    I am a nursing student despite my challenges I face with my brain daily. If it weren’t for my adderall I wouldn’t be able to function properly. I’ve been on both vyvanse and adderall. Adderall works best for me. Until this month. This month I was given these pink pills that I swear are placebo. I called to report this to my pharmacist and psychiatrist and we are in the works of getting TEVA back. Until then I have to keep taking this unfortunate horrid medication. I am having to take double the quantity to get half of the affects. I have 4 exams this week and I can’t pay attention for the life of me. I am getting HORRID migraines. TEVA is low on my dosage so I’m trying to figure out what the hell to do. I saw some people say there is a brand name IR but what is it called and who makes it? My pharmacist doesn’t know of one but I’m eager to find a resolution to this problem. My house is a mess. My life is a mess. I can’t stop my mind. When I take just 1 my thoughts are all over the place more than normal. If I take 2, I get half of the effect of 1 pill. I’m monitoring my HR and BP and I am within normal limits of both. But I have reported this to the FDA.

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    I also get 30mg pinkish tablets from Walgreens. Over the last 2 months it’s felt like Adderall has just completely stopped working for me and even if I were to take triple the daily prescribed amount, there would still be minimal to no effect. No increase in focus or its concomitant positive feelings of interest and engagement. Adderall has never made me feel super awake, but usually it takes away the feeling of constant fatigue and gives me a normal energy level (basically what I assume most biologically & neurologically well-adjusted people experience every day). Hope it’s the manufacturer making faulty pills! Because returning to my baseline state pre-amphetamine medication is not a functional or even live-able option. And prescribers seem so much more concerned with protecting all the non-ADHD alleged stimulant addicts from themselves, that those of us with this physical disability are
    are left to endure with inadequate treatment. If things were different and caring for actual patients was the clinical focus, I wouldn’t have to be terrified that adderall has stopped working. I can’t even get enough pills per month to cover a full 12-16 hour day since prescribers are more concerned about going against a nearly baseless FDA guideline than leaving patients unmedicated half of each day. Let alone get an effective Adderall alternative if needed, like Desoxyn (read it’s 100% substantiated as the most effective for treating ADD) or ideally a combination stimulant therapy to better address my entire symptom range. So fingers crossed it’s just temporarily bad adderall manufacturing !

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      I am glad I found this post. My pharmacy gave me these pink generic pills this last time and I feel like they are not working. Usually they are orange. How can this company put out pills that have no potency? I am struggling to get through each day with these crappy pills!

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      Aaron Lewis

      You’re highly unlikely to find a doctor who will prescribe Desoxyn (methamphetamine). There’s a reason for it. Since methamphetamine is one of the most commonly abused drugs, doctors are very leery about prescribing methamphetamine, even in small doses.

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    Wow, I thought I was the only one. I stopped taking generic Adderall over six months ago, because it stopped working, even when my dosage was increased. Unfortunately, my city is overrun by Walgreen’s (they bought out the major local pharmacy chain), so I feel I have no choice but to hope I can get a better formula someplace else, a different prescription, or that my insurance covers the brand name stuff.

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    IF ONLY we could trade places!!! i have been hunting desperately for about a year to get the old Core Pharma/ now Epic Pharma Bright Pink Beauties.
    All i can get at walgreens (and most other places around here) is Teva.. I have exactly the same issue as you do to the CorePharmas.. i get TERRIBLE headaches, and no activation and no focus…

    I miss the CorePharma’s so much. i’ve been in contact constantly with Epic and they assure me it is ‘out there’. But i have tried all the pharmacies in my town and nothing…

    i miss my brain function…

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      I too miss corepharma, it was the only generic i had no sideeffects and worked on my adhd symptems. It was in my experience the perfect match for me. I was able to create my business and became successful all up and until they closed their doors on manufacturing my cure. Its been over a year now and i have since lost 1/2 of my accounts due to these other generics sideeffects and inability to work on any symptom if not making them worse.

      I am still angry and there is far more to this story but i cant sit still long enough to finish a single thought.

      Did i hear u right corepharma is now epic pharma manufacturing those bright pink beauties?

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    For the entire last month I had to suffer because of this useless Sandoz pink special. there definitely should be a process that allows us to replace Adderall that is ineffective for us.

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    t foster

    I have been taking Adderall for over 30 years. I’ve seen many in it’s generic form over the years. The oval orange 30mg have been the best comparative. This month I got a pink pill from Epic (which may not be Epic anymore) This pink pill with a cross reminds me of something called ‘Pink Hearts’ from Mexico we ordered off the back of a magazine years ago (Caffeine+ color). They had more affect than this product. I’m sorry, is my money not green enough? There are many of us older ADHD that CAN tell we are being exposed to this crap. If you want to save money, go after the Diabetics or the Cancer (oh wait, you all ready do that) Go after COPD, because it all the same when it comes to being able to function. Maybe worse when your older. I am really surprise at companies that should be more diligent in respect to their product and the people they are responsible for. You have made us YOUR CHILDREN and as such your responsibility becomes LEGAL. I hope I don’t get the pink pill next month because there are legal remedies. I will be passing on pills to a laboratory for testing. I suggest anyone else having trouble to consider the same step. If the results are as I suspect, Epic will pay the bill Thanks MOM and DAD for you time in this matter

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