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      I have a phone addiction. Even though I deactivated all social media accounts except Instagram, I still get sucked in. Even if I got rid of instagram, I’m sure my brain would find something else on my phone to fixate on. It can eat up literally hours andIt seems silly but it truly feels uncontrolable. I’ve tried many apps to control phone use but they’re all so easy to bypass and my brain will come up with any excuse to do so. It’s like putting booze in an unlocked cupboard and telling an alcoholic not to open the doors. I need help, as it’s standing in the way of me trying all the ADHD tools/routines I want to try because the phone is sucking up all of my time. Advice? Have you struggled with this too?

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      I think it’s important to first decide why you want to cut down on your phone use, and then to identify the barriers that have been getting in the way of you putting it away.

      Sometimes it takes extreme measures like locking your phone up somewhere for a certain amount of time, giving it to someone else, or even running the battery out (if you can’t take the battery itself out). You can also have someone else set the passcode for you and change it regularly. Ultimately you have to decide what’s important to you and what you’re willing to do to get it. You may have to put up barriers between you and your phone. Identify what keeps you from putting it down. Are you afraid to miss a text or a call? Are you looking for stimulation? Do you feel unsafe without it? Those are also good questions to sort through.

      In the end it’s not a question of willpower but it does require some effort from us to affect the change we want. If you have a provider like a therapist this would be a great project to work on.

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      Penny Williams

      You’re not alone!

      “My Phone Was My Drug”

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I have this issue too. Smartphones are hard to break away from. I am still working on a fix. One thing that has helped is to log out of all my social media. This means that I have to a) remember all my f***ing passwords, b) prevents me from being able to refresh compulsively. Basically, it creates a barrier that gives you time to think and makes it harder for you to do it.

      Depending on when you use the phone, I suggest keeping it far away from you. I sometimes go on as soon as I get up, something that is so unhealthy. Try to keep the phone in another room where you’ll have to go get it.

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      Hello, I’m new here!

      I was diagnosed with ADHD and I have the same problem. Maybe we could be eachother’s accountability partners?

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      Unfortunately there isn’t really one solution that just works. However, there are a lot of little things that can help. You should implement strategies with two goals in mind: firstly you want to find ways to interrupt that subconscious/automatic pull out your phone and get sucked into it habit, and the second is to decrease the number of times that you legitimately need to interact with your phone throughout the day.

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      First, if you already realize it’s a problem then I think you should be able to fix it, believe!

      I am no expert but here are some ideas.
      Structure your day and keep busy doing things that don’t rely on just using the phone. Be phone free for the first hour and an hour before you sleep. Charge your phone in a separate room if you can’t control yourself. Start the day working out or meditate (several types) – This really helps me think about things and plan my day vs getting sucked into work emails and social media first thing in the morning.

      Take frequent walks, phone tucked away. Schedule activities with friends – have lunch/dinner. My friend does a board game night once a week with her friends. Have a goal to read a book a week? Listen to the news (TV/Alexa). Listen to podcasts or read before going to bed.

      Have hobbies? Go hiking? Give back – Care for a pet, volunteer at a homeless shelter etc etc.

      Hope this helps, as someone who just found out 2 people in my family have ADHD + Gifted IQ, trying to help them breakout of the phone habit.

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      My Fiance has ADHD, and has his phone with him no matter where he is.
      It is sometimes annoying, but I don’t expect it to change. A few years ago, it caused problems, mostly in the evening. Its not like he is the CEO/CFO of the company he works for, but his subordinates would contact him via “Slack” and FB Messenger at all hours…annoying when I’m trying to get to sleep.
      His one co worker would send him messages at 10:30, did so for 4 days straight. My fiance slept right thru the alert chime, but I was wide awake after his phone went off.
      When I mentioned it to him, he got pissy about it, and acted like I was accusing him of something. (Cheating?)
      I explained to him that every time his phone went off for the last 4 days it woke me up, and I had a hard time getting back to sleep afterwards. The solution? Either disable the alerts, or tell your office buddy to stop messaging you late at night when we are trying to sleep.

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      I’d you have Android, use daywise. It schedules all of your notifications for specific times of the day.

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