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      Hello – this is the first time I have posted. I was first diagnosed with ADHD in 2011 when I was struggling to keep up with paperwork and other job tasks at a previous position. Looking back all positions I have had in the past have included some difficulty, even going back to being a waitress in college. I am a social worker / therapist. I have been at my current position 1.5 years, I work in an adolescent day treatment program. I have struggled with performance issues since the fall. I put in 50 hours a week and still can’t keep up. A strength at my previous positions was the rapport I was able to build with clients. I received a write up on concerns in that area late December. I feel like I’ve been walking on eggshells since then. I have been getting the day to day items done as much as possible but have neglected some other ongoing things. Yesterday I had no warning, HR and my supervisor met with me to give another write up, a 2nd step in the process. I need to have all up to date by Monday of next week. I am in the process of requesting accommodations through HR, I recently went through updated ADHD testing. My current job is an ADHD nightmare, constant interruptions, more paper to deal with than I’ve ever had at other jobs in my life. So many different tasks expected in this position. I have known for the past few months this isn’t a good fit for me and I need to find something else. I am interviewing for another position (outpatient therapy like I did in the past) in the same organization but know they will have access to my employee file if they would like.
      I feel so much shame at work right now. I am seeing a therapist when I can get there and have medication management, planning to restart a stimulant if my EKG goes OK. I went off my stimulant over two years ago when I was struggling with rapid heart rate.
      I feel so lost with my career right now. Even getting good references for future jobs will be a challenge. Others likely see me as very disorganized and struggling with time management. I almost didn’t get my current position due to some concerns on one of the references (concerns included punctuality and that I am “easily overwhelmed” which are true).
      Any suggestions and support would be much appreciated. My husband works full time, he does not want me to quit my current job without another one. He’d rather force them to fire me. My job is all consuming, I am missing out on time with my kids and I can’t keep up with things at home, struggle a lot with organization at home too.

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      Penny Williams

      Having good time management doesn’t make you a good therapist, and lacking good time management doesn’t make you a bad therapist. It sounds like you need to find a job in your field where there’s less emphasis on this. Maybe having your own independent practice? (Although that will have paperwork and management requirements, you can give someone to manage that aspect when you’re the boss).

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      Hi Amy-

      I don’t have great advice but I can relate to your experience. I was recently diagnosed with ADD after struggling at work and feeling overwhelmed at home. I have a similar position as you and the past few years the demands and constant interruptions and immediate responses have escalated. It has been increasingly difficult to keep up even for folks who do not have ADHD. I am still trying to figure out what to do as well with no time for family spending hours at the office to try to keep up. I am the primary income in the house so stuck right now. I totally get the shame of not being able to keep up at work or at home. Maybe trying to find a job that is not so rushed and time pressured on paperwork? Maybe a therapist in a school setting? Or a position that just focuses on a few things like just assessments so there is less things to have to remember and manage your time. Good luck to you! Hang in there!

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      Thank you for the responses. It is helpful to know or others can relate. So hard for me to keep up with anything at home. I worked for 10 hours yesterday. I listened to a couple Brene Brown TED talks this morning, she does some great work on Shame.

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      Dr. Eric

      This is my world.
      I write reports and IEPs that give people with ADHD accommodations that I cannot access.

      There is no HR accommodation that overrides the legal timelines for the job.
      Therefore, it becomes an issue of fitness of duty for the job description.

      The good thing with working in a school for me is the natural ebb and flow of the school-year.
      No matter how hard things get, there is generally some down time to catch-up and recuperate around the corner if I can hold on long enough.
      I don’t know what I would do if the crazy times of year were consistent throughout the year.

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      Dr. Eric

      I also forgot to add the inadvertent upsetting of coworkers when you are not 100% focused on how you deliver your words…

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      I have been there as well. It sounds like you are being set up at this point, and there will be no way to dig yourself out of this hole. They want to get rid of you, so now they are just making sure they have the correct paperwork in place. It is a self-esteem crushing experience, trust me I know.

      My suggestion is to disconnect from the job emotionally and just go in and check the boxes. Spend all of your concentration and emotional energy on finding a new job. That way you can leave on your terms, which is so much better.

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      Hi, I struggled with something similar in one of my previous jobs, so I took a part time course with a recognized certificate to switch to something else that is more personally manageable. I talked to some friends who work in other fields I was interested in and they also helped introduce me to friends in those fields who had a chat to see if I’m a good fit. Maybe that could help you see what options you may have and haven’t thought of.

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