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      Investigating self-compassion & self-criticism in people with and without ADHD.
      Take part here:

      We are running an online experiment to explore new ways to measure levels of self-compassion and self-criticism and we are seeking people with ADHD to take part – either people with a formal diagnosis or people who self-identify as having ADHD. As a thank you, you will be entered into a prize draw to win one of two £25 Amazon Vouchers.

      To take part, you must be:
      – over 18 years old,
      – fluent in English (English as a first or bi-lingual language)

      You must not have:
      – dyslexia or communication difficulties,
      – a personality disorder,
      – any motor disorder – including Tourette’s.

      You will answer some questions about your wellbeing and behaviour and then complete an experimental task online where you will read some statements on the screen and respond by pressing one of two buttons. We will be measuring your reaction time and accuracy in this task.

      Overall, the study will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.

      The research is being untaken by Danielle Beaton (BSc, MSc, MA) for her PhD project and being supervised by Dr Fuschia Sirois and Professor Elizabeth Milne. All the researchers are based at The University of Sheffield in the Psychology Department, where this project was ethically approved. We expect data collection to finish by January 2021.

      If you have any questions please contact
      Watch Summary Video of the Experiment Here

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