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      Hello there! I’m a teacher. I have a PhD student with a background in medicine and psychiatry. He’s doing some research to help children (age 6-18) better identify and communicate the things that distract them with their parents.

      The goal is to help children learn better by improving their learning environment. If anyone is willing to spend 10-15 minutes on an interview with him do let me know!

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      Hey there!
      I don’t quite fit the bill as I am 25 this year, but only very recently diagnosed and still living with parents. Happy to talk with your student if he is at all interested. Have many stories of butting heads with my parents over the years over things that, in retrospect, were definitely ADHD related.
      Let me know!
      Ailidh x

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      This is great! I hope someone can participate in this interview.

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      Thanks Ailidh! We’ve filled and maxed out on interview participants for this research. I’ll reach out if we need more insights!

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