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      to my beloved parents,

      Thank you. You have made me a capable young woman.

      You did what you thought was best for me. You taught me what you thought would help me survive in this world.
      Whether it was the right or the wrong way… your love for me is too big to fit in a scale that we cannot change.

      I’m sorry that you have to repeat yourself a couple of times. I’m sorry that my excitement is more worrisome for you. I’m sorry that on the days you need me to be more I cannot. I’m sorry for being sorry.

      Thank you. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for seeing me regardless of what it looked like, sounded like. Thank you for helping me even when I didn’t know what I needed help on, but knew I needed help. Thank you for helping me figure it out. Thank you for helping me figure it out a few more times after the first time. Thank you for your love and all that you done.

      I love you very much.
      Your young woman

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      Very powerful post)

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      wow! thank you for posting this. as a parent struggling daily to manage a child with adhd, this post gives me hope that one day she will turn and say “thank you” which will make it all worth it.

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      Yes! I imagined this is my daughter in the future! Thank you for that hope!

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