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      So, I try to use Todoist to manage all my tasks, but because I put every to do in there, including for personal projects and other not-as-important stuff, I tend to find myself overwhelmed when I use it. But when I try to use different to do apps for each type (one for school, one for personal, etc.) I then find switching between the two to be difficult. What can I do to avoid being overwhelmed?

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      Use categories in ToDoist better. Only put due dates on things that really have due dates. ToDoist can be as simple or overwhelming as you chose regardless of the quantity of information

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      Or just use a very simple app like ColorNote on the cell phone or NotePad on a PC to create 2 lists: Personal, Professional. The first entry on each should be the date, followed by the items. Check off each task as it is done. The next day, write the new date and add any previous day items not done. One app, 2 lists. You see your progress, the app is simple. Good luck!

Viewing 2 reply threads

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