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      Though I’ve been told it’s likely I have ADHD by a psychologist, getting the full assessment has been in the works for the past 4 months… Affording it is something else, plus the fact that I’d have to purchase medication (insurance in my country does not cover anything for mental health beyound 30 days, including prescription).

      This has me overwhelmed falling deeper into bad habits, feeling like such a failure cause cleaning up my house(whose rent expires first week of April) makes me just flop back on my bed, or latch unto some form of distraction.

      I’ve been 11 months clean of opiate addiction, which I started due to the fact that it helped me focus in my former workplace(dont ask me how it did this, cause it baffled the psychiatrist in the rehab as well), but since I came of it, motivation and energy has been shot, I actually feel dumber cause I can’t seem to learn anything, or retain anything I learn… I’m really just tired of getting up at all. Sorry if this text is confusing… I guess,… I just needed somewhere to vent…

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