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      So I know one of my main struggles with my ADHD is emotional dysregulation. It’s really rough on me, my spouse, and my kids (I have 5). I’ve done the WORK, though, let me tell you. Getting diagnosed a year and a half ago was revelatory, and just starting meds reduced the amount of shouting and frustration by 80%, and I see a therapist every week.

      Then Covid hit.

      My anxiety has been through the roof (we’ve had severe financial issues as well), and working full time from home with all the kids home (did I mention there are 5 of them??) has been – well, a lot.

      I’ve managed for the most part, but GOD, I went into such sensory overload last night and it’s carried into today, that it’s all I can do not to throw a chair at the wall screaming. I feel like a live wire. The slightest touch sets me off, every work email makes me want to rip my hair out, and any word out of anyone’s mouth makes me want to rage quit everything.

      I’ve never gotten this bad and I don’t know how to balance it out.

      Anyone else have suggestions?

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      Penny Williams

      YOur nervous system is extremely activated. Try some calming techniques like splashing cold water on your face, shaking exercises, box breathing or humming. This stimulate the vagus nerve which calms your nervous system. Going for a walk or a run could help too.

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