Outward Bound or Nols?

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      So my 20yo son withdrew from college because he was going to fail out again – 2nd time. We have been seeing a psychiatrist and therapist for several years and now I think we finally are at a cross roads. He says he wants a degree but he doesn’t go to class or turn in work. He says he has anxiety, but Dr’s say its situational and he needs to start working on his ADHD – So now we have him back at home and we are begging him to get a job. Won’t apply or if he does, its such a lousy job no one would hire him.

      He has interest in going on one of these summer programs and we think it might be good. Especially to unplug and get away from a toxic girlfriend:( But, I fear he is just considering to get away from us and postpone the job/school thing again. We have made it clear he doesn’t have to have a degree, but a job and career are a must.

      These programs are very expensive and but its hard to find anyone who actually changed. I am sure it is fun and rewarding, but I don’t want to pay for a vacation only to have him come back and repeat the same issues.

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      I don’t think you can go wrong with either. I have ADHD (as does my son) and in my early 20s I sent myself on an Outward Bound trip to help me kinda pull it together. It was life changing. I hear great things about NOLS as well.

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