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    Hi all, I know there’s many posts about generic adderall but I haven’t been able to find anything on the generic brand Impax. I received it last month, and thankfully I just got brand name back today, but it’s really not something I truly want to pay for. I just started actually researching the difference in generics and so I’m not sure what different ones I have tried. I do know though that Impax made me feel horrible. No motivation for school, work, friends- all I wanted to do was sit and stare at the wall. My anxiety was at an all time high as well as extreme depression. I haven’t felt depression like that in years and it all started right when I began taking the Impax brand.
    I’m just wondering if anyone has any opinions or experiences. I took my first brand name pill today and I feel like I notice a difference, but it could be in my head as its only been a few hours.
    Thank you

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    Same here,never had a reason to look into it. Been on Adderall xr 30 mgs for a year, suddenly my pharmacy said insurance made a note they won’t cover name brand anymore so I left with a bottle that said amphetamine salts.. after reading this I realized I’m only on here looking bc I feel like a lot of others do….not as clear and focused, yours is the first post I’ve seen with Impax Generics. Which leads me to believe they are just now starting to hand this out probably because of mass quantity of it overfill somewhere. I noticed the last couple days I’ve just been really irritated and kind of back to my old self a lot of what these posts from other generic brands have said.

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