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      To my friends,

      I’ve been having a really tough time recently… as always. I think I may have heard you say that you don’t believe in ADHD before, but it is truly a debilitating neurological condition that is wreaking havoc on my life.

      As an adult, my daily life is constant internal chaos. I feel like I’m in a never-ending hurricane that spins me in circles. I am being thrown in every direction while going nowhere at the same time.

      For so long I’ve just been treading water, trying not to sink. I ask myself, “why can’t I learn to swim like everyone else?”

      “Why can’t I move on with my life?”

      Forgetfulness? Losing thing?
      Forget about just losing my phone, losing my glasses, losing my keys. I’m losing my friendships, my finances, my self-esteem. I’m losing my dreams.

      They all just slip away while I’m caught in a brainstorm.


      I don’t keep in touch as much as I would like, but it’s not due to a lack of desire. If I don’t make it to that wedding, or that trip we were supposed to go on, or to that yoga class; please don’t take it as a lack of care or a lack of trying or a lack of commitment . I miss you, and I love you, but I’m just so focused on me right now.

      Don’t take that as selfish; I’m just trying to learn to swim.

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