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      I’ve come across this paper and want to try giving my 10 year old son the dose of EPA they mention – up to 2,513 mg a day. I even found a brand that makes it possible with only 3 capsules – OmegaVia. My concern is that according to ADDitude the highest recommended dose of EPA and DHA combined is 2,500 mg a day. 3 capsules of OmegaVia will be 3,120 mg – is it too much? But how then in the above mentioned paper they talk about 2,513 mg a day of just EPA?? I’ve also read on Nordic Naturals website that up to 5,000 mg of Omega 3 a day is fine for both adults and children. This is so confusing. Any professionals here that could help me, please? TIA

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      Penny Williams

      You should talk to your child’s doctor about this. There is a lot of conflicting information on dosages of fish oil and omega supplements, even from one professional to the next. Your child’s doctor should ultimately give that guidance.

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      I’ve talked to an expert regarding Omega 3 and specifically EPA.

      #1 2,513 mg of EPA per day should not be given to a child, it’s way too much.

      #2 For 10-13 year olds the amount of EPA should not exceed 1000 mg. Starting from 14 years, you can give them 1,500 mg of EPA.

      #3 If your child eats a normal balanced diet and you are considering giving them Omega 3 JUST for ADHD, there is no need to give them full Omega 3 complex (with DHA and the rest). Give them just EPA – 1000 mg for 10-13 year olds, 1,500 mg for older kids – always with food that contains healthy fats.

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