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      I am an older college student. I am an LVN in a bridge program to RN. Before Covid, everything was done in the classroom, including exams. After Covid, we went strictly online. In the classrooms, exams were written form with scantron, and we were encouraged to write on our exams. When we tested online at home, it was obviously computerized; however, I did utilize scrap paper, especially for the select all that apply type questions or ones I wasn’t quite sure of. We had our first exam in the classroom yesterday, but it was computerized. I requested scrap paper and was denied. My test score (although still really good) was lower than they have been. It was actually my lowest score. I will say that I make very good grades. One class last semester my four exam grades were all high As in one class (two in the classroom and two online). The other class, I had an 88 on the first, an 89 on the second (both in the classroom) and a 90 on the third at home.

      What I found was that those exams were administered back to back in the classroom setting. We took an exam for one class, had a break and took the second. By the second exam, my brain was “tapped out.” I realized that by the second exam, I wasn’t taking the time to write on my exam paper, slow down and focus on the cue words, and it affected my grades slightly. Once I learned that, I utilized scrap paper with the computer exams.

      Yesterday, several questions had select all information, and I would struggle sorting them all in my head. Or a couple, I was choosing between two answers, but I had a difficult time doing this solely in my head, would get frustrated, lose patience and click on one that I wasn’t even considering. I did that twice. No idea why.

      Is this a reasonable request? I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until about 5 years ago. I tried to find information online that supported my need for scrap paper, but was unable to find a lot. If this is a reasonable request, is there someone who can point me to some resources that can maybe explain it, support it, etc.?


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      Penny Williams

      This is a very reasonable request in my opinion. Can you have a meeting with the instructor or the head of that department and explain why you need scrap paper? They can provide it to know you’re not attempting to cheat.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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