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      I know there was a recent post about this but ever since my health care provider stopped covering the brand named Adderall I have been having a lot of hit and miss products. Life has been very unstable for me without right meds as well as consistency. Also would I be able to request that brand?
      thank you in advance

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      My Dr. recommends Teva as the most preferred generic. Perhaps you can ask your prescribing Dr which generic manufacturers he recommends. Note: Since Adderall & its generic equivalents are classified as a controlled substance, most pharmacies will not tell you over the phone which generic brands they carry. You’ll do best to present your prescription directly to the pharmacy & ask which generic brands they have available. Hope this is helpful & good luck.

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      generic extended release by pracso is made by Shire, the company that makes brand name Adderall XR. they are identical minus the label.
      brand name adderall instant release actually doesnt exist anymore since it was discontinued, Teva is your best bet for the original formulation.

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      ill try posting it later.

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      okay, thanks everyone. the pharmacy i go to next week says they have teva. actavis elizabeth is the mfr tha really messed me up. i was scared for my life

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