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      Hey everyone,

      So I have a question for my fellow ADHDers. I am a teacher, and I have just started summer break. It’s been a VERY welcome respite and it’s always much-needed because being organized during the school year on top of having everything I do at home is overwhelming. During the school year, though, I have a pretty solid routine. I’ve noticed, however, that the lack of my structured work schedule really throws me “off” when I’m on break. I’m not sure how best I can explain it. I guess that during the school year, I’m used to having my job give me structure, and when I’m off, I seem to struggle with procrastination way more than usual, sleep in later than I intended (even though my husband comes in and wakes me up), and I can’t seem to figure out what kind of project I want to start first.

      I guess my question to you all is, does anyone else feel “off” when you lose something in your routine?

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      Dr. Eric

      Off or Fast Forward are my two speeds.

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      Penny Williams

      While this article is on retirement, many of the suggestions would apply to your summers:

      How to Retire with ADHD: Structure, Stimulation, Purpose

      Can you give yourself some structure? Every day at 10 am you go to the gym. Or Mon, Wed, Fri afternoons you do something creative you like (such as painting or crafting or sewing or …)

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      Thanks for the article. It was a helpful read. I’ve actually been working at my local airport and putting my ground instructor certificate to use working with student pilots to help them with the FAA Knowledge Test (I’m a private pilot myself). Another flight instructor and I have been working for months to put together PowerPoints for once a month seminars to help students with the FAA Knowledge Test. This has required me to put together daily to-do lists to get materials together for the seminars. I’ve also been helping a little in the maintenance shop pulling off inspection panels for aircraft inspections and I’m looking to wash some airplanes for a little cash. It isn’t a *perfect* schedule, but finding activities out there has motivated me to be more proactive in getting up and not sleeping until noon. Plus, most of my friends are out there, my spouse instructs there, and aviation is one of my main interests and hobbies. I’ve also been making lists of things I want to accomplish, too. I usually put no more than five down so I don’t get overwhelmed, and I do my best to prioritize. I’m also trying hard to maintain a sleeping schedule.

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