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      I am wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with these seemingly opposite symptoms. While my brain is sleepy, tired, and daydreamy my body is sometimes anxious (like a nervous energy). I was prescribed Adderall, but it just made the anxiety worse and did nothing for the daydreaming and sleepiness.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      Yep, same here. I’ve always been a daydreamed, spacey, and inattentive. On top of that I’ve always been restless, fidgety, and get overstimulated easily. I was just diagnosed with adhd and haven’t gotten any more specifics yet in terms of what type but I definitely feel I’ve always been both inattentive and hyperactive. In the winter I get even more foggy headed/tired and anxious. So, ya like you I’ve always felt those 2 opposite sort of feelings but especially in the winter or when I’m more stressed. I have my first therapy and med management appointments coming in February so I hope I get some help. I worried it will be hard to find a medication that can solve these opposite sorr of symptoms at once.

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      Yup it used to help me with the day dreams but then with the anxiety it goes back to wandering. Dopamine helps stave off anxiety but you have to have that feeling of wellbeing before it starts staving it off. I work on meditating and clearing my head when I take a dose otherwise its a waste. If I can get a clear head I don’t get distracted nearly as much. It’s like my medicine actually works how it’s supposed to lol

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      daniel plumb

      I am dealing with the same syptoms and im tired

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