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      I’m wondering if anyone knows of a website that is specifically focused on ODD. Specifically one with information for parents with young children who have ODD (my son is 4). A lot of the information that pertains to teens on ODD isn’t as relevant as it is with parenting a really young kiddo, although sometimes helpful!

      I’ve found this website to be so incredibly helpful! I have a 6-year old with ADHD and anxiety, and a 4-year old with ODD. But I really need help on learning more about dealing with my youngest child’s ODD episodes and I haven’t found too much info on ODD on here. ODDitude?

      The hardest thing for us is when my 4-year old gets into an “episode” where something upsets him and then he gets in this cycle of “go away dad”… followed by “don’t leave” … followed by “i said go away!”… and on and on and on. He could go back and forth on anything, and it could be really anything that sets him off in that angry back and forth.

      I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced that before but we could use some help with how to deal with it! Staying calm is always what works best, but ignoring him makes things worse a lot, and trying to speak with him can make things worse too but sometimes work. Really just being calm and trying to help him thru it through a variety of ways and redirections and hopefully something works or he just gets over it. Does anyone have experience with this and have any other ideas?


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      Penny Williams

      Read Ross Greene’s books (The Explosive Child or Raising human Beings) and follow his work at http://livesinthebalance.org.

      Time for Plan B? 10 Tips for Dealing with the Explosive Child

      6 Truths About Child Behavior Problems That Unlock Better Behavior

      Also, read Mona Delahooke’s new book, Beyond Behaviors, right away.

      These will change your family.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I too have a child (9 yo girl) that has O.D.D. but she also has a diagnosis of ADHD, and recently autism (mild). The doctor just treats for the ADHD and not the O.D.D. so I cant help there but I can suggest having your doctor look into ADHD and autism.

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