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      My daughter has a diagnosis of ADHD my son has Tourette’s. From time to time she rocks back and forth with her fist in her groin which leads to self stimulation. She started this when she was in a baby car seat. It seems to stop and start again. She is now 12 struggling with making friends and maintaining friends. She says lately she has been doing this self stimulation movement in class at her desk. Her face gets red and she gets all sweaty. When I told her that kids might make fun of her so try to get up and walk away, she said that she does it because she is bored and doesn’t like what they are learning in class. Is this potentially related to ADHD? Or could it be type of tic?

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      Hey there; when I was younger up until I was around that age. I always banged my head back and forth on the seat in the car. I have just always liked to move. Even when I would be sitting. Sometimes my mind even thinks about it today ( 29 yrs old ). I do have ADHD to this day.
      Hope this helps !


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