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      Hello! I’m super new to this so hopefully I’m doing this right but I’m desperate for answers/help so here goes nothing!!

      I’m 21 years old and was “diagnosed” (? I hate that word… but for lack of a filler I guess it will have to do) with ADD a little over 2 months ago. I am still unsure if I am ACTUALLY ADD as my symptoms look very different than that of peers I know that do struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder; however, my dad has ADD (his DNA runs extremely strong in my genes) and there are some indicators that have led my to believe the doctors diagnosis. I have never been able to pay attention in class but I don’t fidget (and also who LIKES school?) I get bored super easily (but doesn’t everyone in my generation?) I’m never on time (I’ve kind of always just chalked this up to being a hot mess) and usually I can carry on a conversation while still thinking about something completely unrelated to whatever is being discussed (maybe I’m just rude?). These are some “signs” that led my doctor to want to do an ADD screening. The parentheses are what make me question whether I’m ACTUALLY struggling with this disorder or if I just need to work harder at being present. (So guidance in that area would be appreciated)

      BUT the struggle I’m having is with food. It’s all I think about. I’m obsessed. Since starting college I’ve gained roughly 30 pounds (normal for girls I understand but that doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable in my skin.) I lost weight successfully ONCE and it was when I was on adderall (the doctor thought I might have narcolepsy) and after I came off of it I was treating my body HORRIBLY so I gained the weight back AND suffered from extreme adrenal fatigue (can adderall do that? I was also struggling with severe allergies at the time… I mean SEVERE)

      Since the weight gain and realization of said weight gain, I have spent the last two years trying to lose it. This has created a hyper focus on my weight, what I eat, how much my friends eat, how much my mom eats, when I can eat, when I shouldn’t eat, what eating schedules work best for me, if I’m eating too much, if I’m allowed to eat more, whether I’m ACTUALLY hungry or if I just want food… I could keep going. I’m exhausted. I can’t keep living like this. Yes I want to lose weight but more than that I want to be able to focus on things besides food and weight. I want to be able to set this down but I physically cannot. It drives me insane. I will think about nothing but food until I eat some. Is this ADD? Is this normal? Is there someone else out there that has this same struggle? I’m tired of hearing I need to have more self-control or that I would lose weight if I just ate less because I CAN’T. If there is someone else that has been through this what did you do? Please help. I’m hurting and desperate.

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