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      Anyone else on thyroid and stimulants & if so, when have you found is a good time to take your meds?
      Currently, I take my NP Thyroid 90mg in the morning, wait 1.5hrs-have coffee, then stimulant an hr or so later.
      I’m 33 and just stated thyroid meds this year–hypothyroidsm runs in my family. My mom takes this same medicine.

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      I take my levothyroxin first thing after waking fifteen minutes later have a small breakfast (usually ham or spam and egg wrap) and fifteen minutes later take my Concerta 54 er, probably no help because it’s not amphetamine based like yours, but I have had no issues after about five years now.
      Had a rough time when I stared the thyroid meds, it took my body awhile to get used to the levothyroxin, I’d have night sweats so bad I literally had to change the bedding, I was in pretty bad shape, my doctor was shocked by my labs, she’d never seen anyone with levels so far out of wack that wasn’t in a coma.
      If you’re having issues use WebMds interaction checker or talk with your doctor.

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      Thank you for sharing how you take yours. My biggest thing, is that when I take in the morning–I HAVE to have coffee to get the ole’ digestive system going & with waiting after the thyroid—-gosh, I have to be up 3 hrs before I go anywhere….that’s why I toggle taking it mid-afternoon again.

      No interactions—in fact, the stimulant works much better now that my hormones are regulated.
      Do you like the synthetic form of hormones? I’ve heard mixed reviews. The only reason I’m on this one, is my mom has taken thyroid meds for a looong time & tried almost everyone. She said levothyroxine didn’t do anything for her, so I figured we are similar & I do the NP Thyroid.

      I’ve taken ritalin before, so this does help. I’ve never had good luck taking the medicine close to food, for me it seems to metabolize too soon.

      I asked the doc to start slowly, bc I’ve seen people that have “shocked” their body too fast & gone through hair shedding/loss—which DID not interest me lol. I started at 15mg & now I’m about to start 90mg.

      BUT gosh, if I haven’t lost 40lbs & finally!

      I’ve been told you have to wait an hour before any food or coffee.

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        Myself my sister and mother can tolerate synthetic, I’ve read that many people can’t, also I think natural is affected by food more than synthetic, as long as you’re taking it around the same time every day, waiting till later is fine, you just shouldn’t take it in the evening, could make it hard to fall asleep.

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        Yes, you are right. I tried taking it at night because some claim there’s better absorption, but for me–it absolutely made it impossible to sleep.

        I took it today around 1:30—4hrs after my stimulant. I think that’s what will work best, otherwise–it really delays the start of my mornings!

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      When I was still taking Levothyroxine, I always waited an hour before coffee and food. Something to think about. I discovered Keto about a year ago. I very quickly embraced a high fat diet, only in the last few months I have finally embraced low carb as well. I had my thyroid markers tested 2 months ago and all my markers were in the normal range. I was shocked. The only thing that can contribute to bringing my thyroid to normalcy was eating a diet full of healthy fats. I weaned myself off Levothyroxine and had my doctor retest last week and still the same. Over the moon to be off meds. Keto is amazing.

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        WOW, that’s AMAZING! I have trouble digesting fats. I do the opposite, I am high carb, low fat on a vegan diet. The fats are important, but I find I do better with flax, coconut and peanut butter—anything whole sources & not oil. That is really amazing, because my mom does keto & has been retested & still has hardly any thyroid–but she’s really enjoying it.

        Thank you for sharing.

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      so glad this post is here. Just had my gallbladder out and my last 2 set of thyroid labs have been super wacky. Did you know these affect each other!?! Crazy how the body functions. My lipidoligist started me thyroid meds. I’ve always been a schedule person and take all my meds at the same time. This have to wait it really hard. He said I was good to wait 30 minutes instead of the hour. But still hard; I have found if I don’t take my add meds right away they don’t work as well. Hoping to find a good balance.

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      I prefer to take my stimulant first, wait two hours, then take my thyroid medication. I found if I take it just an hour after my stimulant, I get more side effects. Although, I fight hunger in waiting to do so, so taking it later in the afternoon might be better.

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      I have been on Thyroid for decades. I believe I was compensating for my ADHD that I didn’t know about. With each increase in dose I would feel “better” and the clouds would clear for a bit. Now that I am on a stimulant, I wonder if my Thyroid needs to be backed off…. But I can’t find ANY info anywhere. My Thyroid Doc has no expertise in ADHD, and my Psychiatrist has no expertise in Thyroid. I am having trouble sleeping.. through the night. I fall asleep fine, but wake up at 2am every night. My Psyciatrist says it’s not the stimulant because I fall asleep no problem. It’s remaining asleep that is the problem. I am past Menopause – and do female bioidentical hormone supplementation for anti-aging. For the first time in my adult life I am not “overweight” and am loving it! I have great ENERGY during the day, and good work focus. If I could just sleep for 9 hours strait it would be AMAZING!

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