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      A gaming solution of ADHD name Endeavor RX is the latest
      generation technology. Akili introduced this gaming technology that
      reduces the symptoms of ADHD in Children.
      How does this game work?
      Hence, this game works with the function of sensors and stimuli that
      make kids concentrated. Even the daily tasks and quests built the
      power of focus. 

      Is it technically great for the kids?
      No doubt it’s a great initiative from Akili that encourages kids & the next level of creativity. 

      How ADHD in children affects & how this game reduces its

      However, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a mental
      condition. In which kids behave impulsively and hyperactively. At the
      same time, a small thing can distract them, which makes them more

      As we know that gaming is the first preference from today's
      generation of kids. So, Endeavor RX sets a record that is quite joyous.
      Who thinks that a game can be a solution to ADHD? Haha! Kudos to
      the technology of AKILI that makes it easier for parents and kids. 

      What are the symptoms of ADHD?

        Inattentive and hyperactive behavior.
        Non-stop talking
        Distracts on small things.
        Having trouble in focus and concentration.
        Interrupting others & can't able to accomplish the tasks

      What parent thinks of it?

      Hence, it’s a parent thing to observe and examine every minor doubt
      about this game. 
      Because – " Parents live for us. They’re happy when we are happy."

        48% of parents notice day-to-day improvement of ADHD in
        Even 56% of them tend to have great attention and focus. 

      So, the doses of medication require less. These are far better results after the use of Endeavor RX for the
      treatment of ADHD.

      Do you think the demand for this game will belong?
      Right now, Forbes journal, Additude, FDA, Apple, or more approve
      this game. So, no doubt this game will be a future of kids instead of a
      spoon full of medication.

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      James Robert

      Gaming is a good therapy to bring you out of worries. However, it can somewhat treat ADHDers as well. So, you can’t rely on gaming for curing ADHD or ADD. Adderall is also a good option to cure ADHD. It comes with a wide range of benefits for a timely recovery from ADHD.

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      Penny Williams

      Lots of games teach and practice executive functioning and problem solving skills. This game is designed specifically to help the child slow down and think before acting while also building EF skills.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I think you need more research about Endeavor RX.
      Thank you!

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      The Washinton Post did a story on this: Creators call digital game prescription for ADHD the future of medicine. Critics call it a marketing ploy. (

      The WP said, “Akili’s website touts its digital approach as “the future of medicine.” But some critics say: Not so fast. “It’s a marketing ploy,” said clinical psychologist and researcher Russell Barkley, author of several books on ADHD.

      The Lancet Digital Health report said the lead author of that study was a paid consultant with stock options in the firm and three other authors were Akili employees. It’s not rare for companies to pay for such research, but peer-reviewed journals require such relationships to be disclosed as potential conflicts of interest.

      The authors of the Lancet study warned that their results weren’t sufficient to suggest that the game substitute for more established treatments for ADHD. Among the limitations of their study, they noted that they had excluded children taking ADHD medication or who had an additional “significant” psychiatric problem, leaving in question whether even the TOVA improvement would apply to those groups.”

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