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      I graduated in May 2019 with a degree in engineering. I’ve been working at a firm and have been getting pretty well settled in. I was told initially to try not to work more than 40 hours in a given week, but in engineering that is a little unrealistic. My supervisor has stated his expectations regarding overtimes:

      “Overtime needs to be approved before working it. If a project necessitates that you work overtime, I expect to know about it before I open up your timesheet. My preference is that you plan ahead and give me notice a week before (email is fine). If something comes up, then let me know at least by Wednesday how much overtime you think you will have. There’s a two-fold purpose for this. First and foremost, you do need to have approval before you charge overtime against a project – which means I should know about it before it goes on your timesheet. Second, my hope is that my expectations encourage you to think/plan ahead about your workload for the upcoming week and map out your upcoming work.”

      I’m not sure how to comply with these expectations. The challenge is that I don’t know what I’ll be working on or how much time it’ll take to do it. I’m pretty good about getting things done, but I do need someone to outline the work for me and provide direction and feedback. I can provide more info if necessary. I’m hoping to find a workable solution that can be built upon throughout the remainder of my career and I appreciate everyone’s assistance with this.

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      Penny Williams

      I’m thinking a chat with your supervisor up front may be a good idea? “Since I’m new at this, I don’t yet know how much time to allot to given tasks. Can you help me estimate the time different tasks should take until I get a feel for these things?”

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      This is a ridiculous requirement, first of all. How can you possibly know if or how much extra time you’re going to need to complete a task!? My only suggestion is to try to compare it to a previous task to gauge how much overtime you’ll need. Still, ridiculous!

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