North Carolina?

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    I’m not sure where to start or what to say…other than hello! I’m in North Carolina and was wondering if anybody else was as well!?

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    Trying to fit in

    I moved across the line to SC 3 years ago when I got married. I would much rather be in NC. I am in NC all the time since my family is there. Also my doctors, veterinarian, and beautician are there. I cannot find any mental health providers in SC.
    I don’t know where in NC you are but I know it is so difficult to find other ADHD’ers. I placed several ads on various websites here in SC for anyone interested in setting up a monthly or so meeting. Just to talk to someone that understands. One person replied for her grandson. It would be so great to be with my own kind. I just wanted to talk, laugh at our crazy lives and when necessary cry on a shoulder that understands.
    I’m on the coast. I also asked the same question right here a while back. Anyone in NC/SC? I never had a response. I think in the south it’s mental health is still kept secret. Sad. Hope that changes.

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      I just saw this “reply” button….well, see my previous reply in response to you!

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    This is my first post on a site like this to find locals so the fact you replied gave me hope! I understand that struggle with finding people who you can relate to and seek support. A lot of the support groups I’ve seen around here have to do with anxiety, depression, ocd, etc but none for ADHD. It’s only recently with this website that I can see a lot of my issues can arguebly come from ADHD alongside anxiety, instead of anxiety and depression being the heavier issues, for lack of better words. I’m closer to the mountains than the coast, but it’s about the same amount of driving either way, perks of being in the middle of the state? My counselor gave me this site and like I have told them, I feel a lot of my issues could come from ADHD but I also have some OCD tendencies so I don’t want to overthink it…well too late there! I’m trying yet another new medicine that may be helpful, might not be. Only time can tell! I’m honestly hoping this website provides a lot of feedback and help when it comes to the work environment. I’ve read several articles on how to gently ask for extra help within the work area so I’m hoping that helps with my next job, given I’m unemployed.
    I know that’s kind of a jumbled mess…I’m trying to be better!

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    Hello @purplefuzz — welcome and I’m in NC, too! North Durham to be exact. Know that this is a safe space to be your ADHD self!

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    Hi, I’m in North Carolina!!

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